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fighter military [global network reported on April 7th Global Times special correspondent on Global Times reporter Liu Yang] "as Chinese first stealth fighter, the f -20 has provided a series of combat previously unimaginable potential for China selection China, and enhanced power projection capabilities. Recently, the United States think tank center for strategic and International Studies (CSIS) of a research report on China's -20 was analyzed in detail, and concluded that the above conclusions. CSIS also believes that the -20 is smaller than the previous analysis, and F-22 quite. But its oil loading is greater than F-22. The report said it would give the Chinese air force a huge advantage in the region.

any aircraft than the Asia Pacific advanced

CSIS report pointed out that as an advanced multipurpose stealth fighter, the f -20 both for the people's Liberation Army Air Force and navy air force to perform air-to-air and air to ground mission task execution. A defense ministry report in 2016 pointed out that the -20 is a key step in the development of advanced aircraft in China, aimed at improving the ability of regional power delivery and enhance the ability to combat air base and ground facilities in the region. In 2014, the U.S. - China Economic and Security Review Commission described the -20 as "more advanced than any other fighter deployed in the Asia Pacific region."".

reported that the PLA Air Force stealth technology as its core capabilities from the air defense air force to both offensive and defensive air force transformation. The United States Air Force Chief of staff David · ancient Germany said, as the information age fighter f -20 that is designed to access the defense network, which makes these advanced fighter real-time obtained by satellite and UAV system to provide information. In this case, the same as the -20 and F-35, will be able to become a part of the system family, rather than an isolated aircraft. The report believes that in March 2017, there is news that the -20 has been serving in the army, but this aircraft in 2018 or before the year may not have a full operational capacity of the year.

the United States, "Volkswagen" website reported in the CSIS report said that in 2011 the emergence of the -20 "shocked the world". U.S. Defense Secretary Gates was on a visit to china. "The world know Chinese has been committed to the development of a large aircraft, that is as everyone knows J-XX, but the country only in the United States successfully completed the development of the fifth generation fighter has made progress in the field is still shocked by the experts in the United states. "

a true five generation

CSIS -20 is a" full generation of the fifth generation fighter ", meaning it has stealth, supersonic cruise and highly integrated avionics systems. The report also said the aircraft's take-off weight of about 34 tons to 37 tons, a little lighter than the U.S. F-22. The

report said, initial reports overestimated f -20 length, that is about 23 meters long, but the satellite photos show the fuselage length J -20 in the 20.3 meters to 20.5 meters between the United States and Russia, is the size of a similar aircraft. There has been news that the maximum takeoff weight of -20 34 tons to 37 tons. In contrast, F-22's maximum takeoff weight is 38 tons, while the T-50 is between 35 tons to 37 tons. Analysis shows that the maximum takeoff weight of -20 is likely to be lower than F-22. The two planes are similar in size, while the -20's engine position is more backward, so that it has a larger internal space. The report believes that the largest -20 engine fuel to reach 12 tons, while the F-22 engine fuel is only 8.2 tons. If the auxiliary fuel tank is used, the maximum load of two kinds of aircraft can reach 25 tons and 11.9 tons respectively. The report said, the f -20 has 3 internal bomb bay, two small equipment for air-to-air missile, a large bomb bay for larger air-to-air and air to ground missiles, anti-ship. -20's weapons module configuration and F-22 is very similar, but different from the Russian T-50.

f -20 can also carry a series of advanced electronic systems, including an active phased array radar, an infrared / in the nose below the electro-optical search and tracking sensor, and a set of passive photoelectric tracking system covering 360 degrees. These systems are thought to be comparable to similar systems of F-35. In addition, the -20 is likely to be equipped with advanced communications systems can be active and is being developed platform for data communications.

CSIS said that the current use of the Russian -20 AL-31 fighter, but China is developing a larger thrust of domestic power plant. China will be in the next few years to upgrade the WS-15 with the -20 -20, it will make the fighter has sustained supersonic flight capabilities. The new engine may be comparable to F-22's F119 engine. Compared with the previous engine, WS-15 will make the -20 can fly more economical fuel efficiency, and can be a long time supersonic cruise.

report that the low detectability of the design enhanced the stealth performance of the -20, which allows the design of the -20 with very low or even zero visibility across the radar and electronic countermeasures equipment. However, some of the design of the -20, such as the transition of the engine's circular nozzle is not conducive to the rear stealth design, is not conducive to deep into the enemy airspace. In contrast, the F-22 F119 engine uses a rectangular nozzle, more conducive to stealth.

greatly enhanced the military superiority of China's

CSIS report, according to the 2014 report of the U.S. Naval War college,

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