Skin white beautiful long legs Civil Aviation University Girls uniform temptation

University girls long legs civil aviation

dingsheng_yangheng_sao· 2017-04-07 10:41:03

" recently, Civil Aviation University of China professional air crew 2015 grade 6 girls took a group graduation photo popular network. Netizens have praise: This is really white, beautiful, long legs!

" it is understood that the girls class cadres, though from different bedroom, but reading during the relationship has been good, like sisters.

this summer they are going to separate. Therefore, they specially invited photographers to shoot this group of graduation photos, leaving a good moment.

says: Thank you very much for the school to let everybody meet, I believe we will cherish each other after graduation, friendship forever.

at present, the students have already found the internship unit, the next is about to set foot on the job.

" as the lyrics to sing: "let the youth blowing your hair, lead your dream, imperceptibly in this world already learn the history of your smile. "


life for decades, although only a few years of time, but the best time to stay in here, this is unforgettable memories.

net friend Xiao Fei Dao: this group of sisters feel so cool, it is really worth the figure of the id_imagebox_8 class=!

youth is not old, friendship lasts forever! I wish these students work smoothly, still can be as close as today.

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Skin white beautiful long legs Civil Aviation University Girls uniform...