Chinese experts: the problem is not to solve the problem of Korean enterprises do not use Korea

Experts Sade China problem

zhongguojunshiwang· 2017-04-07 10:41:16

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thad is not solved, the Korean enterprises worry is useless

Wang Junsheng

, according to South Korean media reported the day before, Hyundai and KIA automobile sales in China in March has shrunk by half. The two companies in March, a total of 72 thousand and 32 car sales in China, a decrease of up to 52.2%. Reported that South Korea's entire industry is now jittery.

South Korean business community to reflect their fear of the Chinese market, fear of losing the Chinese market psychology. In China, the main reason for such a serious decline is obviously because the Sade into Korea, caused by the strong resentment of the Chinese people. "Sade" in Han China security interests and strategic interests damage needless to say. However, despite the government Chinese against South Korea Park Geun hye, regardless of friendship between China and the ROK, insist on the introduction of "Sade", the result is not only the security of the Republic of Korea, but also greatly hurt the feelings of the people of China, negative consequences caused by South Korean companies operating in China have begun to appear.

the success of Korean companies in China to a large extent thanks to the friendship between the two peoples, Lotte Group is typical. In 1994, China began to enter the Chinese market, covering a wide range of retail, tourism, petrochemical, finance, manufacturing, food and other fields in china. 2016, Lotte turnover in China was 3 trillion and 200 billion won (about RMB 19 billion 500 million yuan), is the 2009 times of 7. However, this does not allow Lotte Group refused to use the agreement with the Ministry of defense of South Korea, greatly boosting the Sade process into korea. On the other hand, after the Chinese people to see the protest, Lotte and Chinese consumers to express love China, playing emotional card, and its logical contradiction. Chinese consumers do not buy it, or even a sense of resentment.

from the long-term consideration of the good neighborly friendship between the two countries, I believe that if the Korean companies to change the current situation in the Chinese market, to win back to Chinese consumers, need to do two aspects of work. First, the South Korean government to promote positive relations with china. South Korea's economic influence by the chaebol, the impact of corporate governance should not be underestimated. Although the final decision is still held by the government, but companies can provide a positive impetus to the South Korean government to develop relations with China to a large extent. Second, in addition to improving the quality of Korean enterprises, but also to carry out public diplomacy with China, do some public welfare activities, closer to the feelings of the people of China and South korea. As the South Korean government, it is necessary to actively do things conducive to the relationship between China and South Korea, to develop friendly relations between the two peoples. In the final analysis, in the era of information and globalization, the decision of a country's business in another country's market is successful, and the country's soft power are inseparable. Otherwise, the object of the national public do not buy your account, and then good products and what is the use?

in this regard, the lessons of Japan is worth pondering in korea. Once swept the Chinese market, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc., where now? In addition to being overtaken by the technical factors, a large part of Japan's share of products are replaced by South Korean products, I am afraid, to some extent, or friendly relations with China and South Korea in the past. But it should be noted that South Korea's products can be very high substitutability. In the automotive, home appliances, cosmetics and other fields, South Korea's products are facing China's domestic products and Europe, the United States and Japan and other countries of the strong competitive pressures.

up to now, the overall impression of Chinese consumers of Korean products is still relatively good, by the "Sade" into the Korean influence is only part of the Korean enterprises. China consumers will not be killed a pole, will be treated differently, should also be treated differently. We all hope that we can continue to maintain friendly relations between China and South Korea, but this is obviously not a one-way behavior, it is not unconditional. Dog that fetches will carry., the South Korean government needs a pressing matter of the moment to take real action, to solve the "Sade" in South Korea, to take practical action to show friendship with china. Otherwise, when the Korean companies really want to worry. "(the author is China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Asia Pacific and Global Strategy Research Institute researcher

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