Philippine President ordered troops to occupy the South China Sea Islands and reefs? Media said, scratching his head"

Reef South China Sea President army

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[Global Times special correspondent in the Philippines Global Times reporter Zhao Long Yao Lijuan] "Philippines President Duthel Te ordered the armed forces occupied" all belong to the Philippines South China Sea Islands', and plans on Independence Day boarded the island in the industry. "Agence France-Presse and other media said 6, the day Duthel Te on disputed islands in the South China Sea" published by far the most bold talk ", may have territorial disputes with neighboring countries to stimulate the Philippines, including China. Duthel Te came to power in June last year, has been working to ease relations with China, his 6 day tough argument by the media interpreted as a departure from the original policy". But the CNN (CNN) and more than 6 daily Philippine media pointed out that Duthel Te published "known" will not do wild speech, whether Philippines really will then occupy the South China Sea Islands ", remains to be seen.

Philippines "Doppler" news said, Duthel Te is on the 6 day visit to Palawan of Puerto Princesa camp, made the remarks at a press conference, Palawan is considered the "territorial disputes in the South China Sea front, administrative division in Philippines, the island in the industry is divided into" Cara. "To the Province of Palawan," jurisdiction".

Agence France-Presse quoted Duthel Te as saying 6, it seems everyone wants to compete for the island, so we still take advantage of these islands when no one moved there. "The Philippine ABS-CBN news network, Duthel Te said that he had ordered the philippine armed forces" occupation "all" belong to the Philippines island in the South China Sea ", to strengthen the Philippines on islands sovereignty claims sound," we must maintain the jurisdiction of the South China sea". The Philippines "Internet aksen news network quoted Duthel Te as saying that he ordered the military to be in" 9 to 10 South China Sea Islands belong to Philippines "on the construction of the bunker and residential facilities, he may in June 12th the Philippines independence day visit the island in the industry, and the rise of the Philippine flag there. Duthel Te also claimed that he wants to use a ship equipped with a swimming pool and the luxury ship, ran aground in 1999 to replace the reef benevolence Ma 徳 Leishan "landing ship, the Philippine soldiers stationed in the ship to make life more comfortable, and said to the" Philippines "was officially named" Bingham uplift ", to swear the sovereignty of Philippines.

"Internet aksen News Network said the Philippine defense minister Loren Za Na day to explain the words of Duthel Te, said the Philippine army had actual control of the 9 islands in the Spratly Islands, including the industry in the island, each Island Naval deployment. Agence France-Presse said the Philippine defense ministry said in a statement on the 6, said the president wants to build barracks in the South China Sea Islands, desalination facilities, sewage treatment systems, power generation equipment, lighthouse and fishermen shelter center. In addition, according to reports, the Philippine President's national security adviser Esperon said on 6, the Philippine government plans to repair industry in the island's airstrip, and Walter completely support this approach. Suddenly stand

Walter 6, make a lot of Philippine media puzzled. Has Duthel Te's policy changed tone? The news network raised such questions. Reported that, Walter 6, insisted that keep the Philippine military presence in the South China Sea, it seems contrary to his previous strategy. Duthel Te took office in June last year, changed the position of former Aquino III in the South China Sea issue, seeking dialogue with China to resolve differences, the development of economic and trade cooperation. In May this year, the Philippines will hold consultations on the South China Sea issue.

"Internet aksen News Network said 6, the day Duthel Te's position and his previous position of opposition, just 3 weeks ago during a visit to Burma, Duthel Te also in the South China Sea issue by audibles to impeach members o Lehanuo said," if a Lehanuo want to fight with China, he can take the lead". Last month, Duthel Te said he could not stop China's construction of the disputed islands, because China is too strong, it is impossible to declare war on china. The report warned that: Duthel Te often joked that he had previously mentioned to raise the flag in the South China Sea disputed islands, but soon clarified that he was joking, and ridicule the media actually believe his words".

Philippine government 6, followed by Duthel Te's words to clarify. "Philippines Daily Inquirer" said 6 days, the philippine armed forces spokesman said the president, fully understand the current situation of Spratly Islands, "I think he meant to improve (Philippine reefs control) troops living conditions". He also said that the South China Sea dispute will not be upgraded, we open bilateral consultations with China, the Chinese side expressed its willingness to discuss any issues in a peaceful manner". Philippines armed forces spokesman, 6, said that given the Philippines now has a good communication channels, Duthel Te visit the island of industry plan should not affect bilateral relations". Whether Duthel Te landed on the island, the Philippines will decide the comprehensive factors.

navy military academic researcher Zhang Jun agency 6 days to accept the "Global Times" reporter said, Walter 6, speaking there are two need to clarify media reports: is it true? His words are arbitrary or serious? It is worth noting that Philippines's defense ministry and Duthel Te in the South China Sea issue are not uniform, before the Department of defense officials enthusiastically "China expedition ship after Bingham uplift", Duthel Te has been tactful criticism. Zhang Junshe believes that in the current circumstances, Philippines in the South China Sea issue

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