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tengxunjunshi· 2017-04-07 10:41:29

"December 27, 2013, Chairman Mao's birthday the day after the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League in micro-blog, began to defend our public initiative, we guarantee freedom of positional warfare. Maybe the people at that time did not think it was of epoch-making significance. "- in February 2017, there are friends in the middle of the Communist Youth League under the first micro-blog to comment. Since

in the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League as the representative of the "mission school" was born more than three years, China public opinion field has reversed, the universe -- from "the red flag will play long" to "the journey is sea stars, from the" 64% of users said that the next life do not Chinese "to" no regrets in this life in China in May, the next flower house". Once the old forces control the public opinion field, or holed up overseas, or hack Taobao, there are many names have been unable to find, spare that "micro-blog is like the emperor towards the new forces for you, laugh at.

for a 13 until the end of the opening of micro-blog and WeChat, by the end of 16 was registered in early 17 officially known, playing the B station, then ready to open QQ space ID, the successful paradigm of the Communist Youth League Central rather offbeat. This has 88 million members of the mass organization, after continuous exploration finally found the point of force - will be shaped as a personification of their idols.

"if there is a miracle color, it must be Chinese red"

now, whether it is the opposition or supporters of the system, the default accepted the "pink" word. public opinion monitoring room had a data plan, called "little pink is how to rise", and the word is defined as a network of patriotic youth general … … showed a strong patriotic enthusiasm and to defend the system".

but before the small pink fashion, had a more catchy system in opposition expression - "flag bitch". The term created by now had not a trace of the "Silver Gray dove" in August 2013, saw the three words is not difficult to feel that time public opinion direction. It is said that there was a female students to upload photos in holding the flag abroad, and drew some girls to follow, however in the system as the representative of the opposition forces with all the old "flag bitch", these girls will have to delete Bo spray.

after the opening of the Communist Youth League Central micro-blog, had tried to reverse the situation. On the eve of the National Day in 2014, the Communist Youth League launched the "I and the national flag a shadow" activities, called on the patriotic should not be bold. This is the first time

group sent to dominate the network public opinion, however, in addition to the people's daily and other administrative micro-blog, ideas are Lei Xiying supporters to join the system, the activity itself did not affect other spheres, the main battlefield of public opinion is not affected by the tonality, can still see tuanpai micro-blog below various satirical criticism.

but no one thought that miracles would come so soon.

2015 in January 28th, the artist Han Geng in micro-blog drying out their own pictures in the Great Hall of the people under the national emblem. Surprisingly, in the "star said publicly patriotic will be called" the years of Han Geng's patriotic self actually almost did not provoke any opposition and questioned the comments area filled with red flags and expression: "positive energy speech this mass was unimaginable".

Communist Youth League in the 1 hours after adding to the forwarding team, even earlier than most of the entertainment media. Eventually, after several patriotic nodes micro-blog, has been forwarded up to 34 thousand.

later, the League Central Propaganda Department of new media director Wu Dezu in a training share laments: "so we concluded that can beat the known idiotic powder, only the idol idiotic powder. "

have to say, after 620 (Xi Jinping and the Central Committee of the new group, 819 (speech) Xi Jinping speech at the meeting of national publicity and ideological work for the Communist Youth League) after olfactory propaganda than other institutions have country prefix is more sensitive to

2015 in the twelfth lunar month twenty-nine, Wu Dezu got the official program of the CCTV Spring Festival evening after disappointed:" is not the ultimate Han Geng, TFboys, Wu Yifan, Luhan these new generation of teen idol show. Is it really filled with the program? In my opinion, it is not enough to really understand the children's favorite idol, the lack of emancipating the mind, the courage to innovate. Because of a lack of youth, will be a big loss! "

Wu Dezu's anger soon turned into action. In the same year in May 4th Youth Day, Han Geng and TFboys captain Wang Junkai stood in front of the Great Hall of the people, as a representative of the Communist Youth League to participate in the Central Committee of the organization of youth positive energy dissemination outstanding youth forum. In addition to participating with Vice President Li Yuanchao, first Secretary of the Central Committee Qin Yizhi, and will become the wife of singer Wang Fang Zhou Xiaoping. (in 2016, they also increased the leadership of emperor "Zhao Ritian No. 233", the patriotic road long beam Xingyang, and said to Wallace Huo, "that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China" Jin Dong.)

" after watching Han Geng and Wang Junkai in the flag after the smiling face, many "mother powder shouted" Wang Junkai ah, thank you taught me the meaning of youth idol! Junior strong guoqiang! "Suddenly, the flag of the fans in the bitch nearly 110 thousand fans comment in the torrent of lost figure.

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