China DOTA glory! DAC finals iG win

Finals glory DOTA China

wangyiyouxi· 2017-04-07 10:43:35

game in the first inning, OG took out the gold system. Although IG occupy a great advantage in the early stage, but OG or IG in the big gap to find the chance. In the game of the late XXS, the mammoth did not let us down at the critical moment, he and Automatic Rifleman cat played the perfect game and led the team to the next city. Second, Boboka hidden thorn again penetrated the OG wild area, XXS / OG for front crash. With the B God spectre economy reached the first, OG was rolling. Holding three match points in the third IG OG did not give too much opportunity, Automatic Rifleman Shadow Fiend has the superiority in the road, they advance the rhythm of a get out of hand. 3:0 beat OG, IG win DAC championship.

cn" dota best perview_img_p dota!

precision IG crack first mammoth blue cat,

" in the first game of the BP, OGban off Automatic Rifleman in DAC two common hero - Fire woman and TK, and on the first hand would point out after winning high the alchemist. IG immediately rushed out to deal with the Kensai mammoth, OG TB. Then OG in the hands of three or four points out the unique soil JerAx and his cat skills Puck, and to the development of IG in the harassment, finally hand out the hidden thorn.

and the winner in the final, IG still in the first half of the game to occupy a great advantage. But unlike before, because of the existence of hidden thorn, the development of alchemy has been greatly limited. Online confrontation, both sides are very cautious. Until 11 minutes, OG B kill God failed was over with a blue blood support TB. After the rhythm completely into the hands of the IG, the first wave of the flamboyant only kill a warlock, TB turned white. Blue cat attack two times hit anti-virus dog, Bloodstone energy surge. Less than 19 minutes, IG initiative to open fog attack, kill Puck. The Kensai under the leadership of the IG initiative to promote road two tower. This wave of war, Automatic Rifleman first kill Puck, second time point TB, then the B active Dutch act blood line carried with god. With the blue cat's perfect play, IG pull tower. Two minutes later, XXS released the first big game. He ran away from the OG on the escape route, in the back of the big two heroes, by the way they will be the top of the IG encirclement. OG four heroes killed one after another, IG successfully took the next generation of meat mountain.

but OG is not a team that will bounce in the end. 36 minutes, while taking advantage of the saturation of OG equipment, launched the attack, after the death of the hidden sting of a pair of big brother waves hit IG heights. Although the XXS move again meritorious, but IG has successfully pulled out OG high tower. With the winner's final lesson, IG was very calm. 40 minutes of the battle of the key group, the chaos in the XXS push jump step on the control of the three people, OG instant regiment destroyed. But over two buy live, OG still completed a wave of successful counterattack. 42 minutes, his sheep knife equipment. 3 minutes after the battle of the regiment, S4 sheep to mammoth, gold face to win battle.

52 minutes, Puck rapid method to retain the ball blue cat, OG harvest three generation meat mountain. In this case, if the IG in accordance with the previous play will be locked in the illusion of the high ground. In despair, XXS realized the true meaning of the mammoth - as long as the gold step on the win! With the XXS key and a blue cat to buy live, IG tenaciously hold the central highlands. Push back, big dad refused to buy live, IG breaking all the way high. Then the update XXS to buy a sheep spine, blood rushed down the knife, IG and OG in a positive highland. 63 minutes, Automatic Rifleman grabbed JerAx's offensive mistakes will control the lives of cats. Came to the rescue of the OG and XXS are on a perfect trick to kill not buy living gold waiting for OG only after death.

terminator IG OG rolling knife into the meat, another

" in the second game of the BP, the two sides to point out the two IG control group and OG points out the mystery out of the mammoth. In order to break the rhythm of candidate OG in IG, the second grab off the juggernaut, and Ban lost several C heroes, forcing the IG in the hands of fourth out of the God B spectre. Then, OG then make evolutions in the last election, points out his troops to make JerAx four a mystery surgeon.

this game, IG feel compared to yesterday's second game is more fiery. From the beginning of the line, they completely occupy the initiative on the field. 2 minutes, the river fled by Ana machine gun soldiers killed. At the same time, JerAx was a mystery opposition area Boboka Monday, Ana to help do not kill hidden

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China DOTA glory! DAC finals iG win

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