60 survival rate of chess game is how a market?

Market survival rate chess game 3D

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2016 in September, Jinli Technology intends to acquire 1 billion 800 million micro screen software, which was founded in 2012, the company's main business in the local chess, and has the people's chess game and palm tour game chess platform two. Micro screen software in 2014 full year net profit of 58 million 290 thousand yuan, while in the first half of 2016 reached only $59 million 530 thousand.

2016 in October, 968 million acquisition of Shenzhen flower gods entertainment technology, in the first half of 2015 and 2016, and a net profit was 7 million 453 thousand and 100 yuan and 21 million 21 thousand and 900 yuan.

2016 in December, Kunlun shares 1 billion 20 million yuan to buy 51% of the mutual entertainment leisure district. This was established only 8 months before the acquisition of the company, has launched a balance of local chess game thirty. In the first half of 2016 revenues of 4 million 780 thousand yuan, a net loss of $1 million 330 thousand, the end of the year to achieve a revenue of $456 million 670 thousand, a net profit of $284 million myth.

2016 December, the acquisition of 1 billion 67 million stake in the acquisition of God entertainment Shenzhen Tai Yue acquisition of pocket technology, equity of 51%. As of the end of 2016, the total number of pocket technology products total registered users more than 22 million people.

in a short span of 3 months, the continuous capital bombing, so that the chess game rushed into the public view. The entire chess game market, but also with the wave of this 2016 boom, completely into madness.

2016 Chinese chess game total users reached 258 million, and with the popularity of local chess, only the user of this category has reached a category of 150 million.

is said to open the map of China, we can see that each population of more than 800 thousand of the city, there will be at least 2 local chess competition.

said if early Lianzhong, JJ is the flagship national competitive chess 1, strangers, so every kind of online game, chess is a symbol of the arrival of 2, and in 2016 of this wave of local chess boom, it brings acquaintance competitive chess peak, can be said that chess is experiencing its own 3 times.

3 29, in the game with the founder of the founder of the joint securities CEO board game chess game, the field of digital chess chiefs shared and discussed the status quo and future of chess game. We will also continue to publish the contents of the summit, and strive to the most realistic, comprehensive chess market presents to everyone.

today is the first from the new network CEO Zhu Jiangming share, why he broke out for the chess game, the user needs what has changed, and the chess game company how to deal with the policy and development, has a unique perspective.

the following content for the selection of the president of the grape record:

said a few of my views on the chess game.

in the past, people spend 100 dollars to play games, we would say that this person is a bit nervous. But now, we do not think it is worth 100 dollars, you have to look at a movie, the 100, and said that you need to wash the feet of a little more than a piece of. So now everyone's spending habits have changed. So filled with money to play the game is still very normal design.

but there is a hole absolutely can not touch, that is, people can never win the game currency back to the matter, which can not do. The three policy said (in exchange for 1 game money cannot reverse into RMB; 2 game operators can't tap profit; 3 is set the maximum amount), which is the most important one cannot touch.

chess 1 to 2 times the initial stage of the

chess probably carried out for about 10 years, until the JJ game out. JJ should now be very famous, and online more than 1 million 500 thousand, in addition to Tencent is it (the largest), because it does well in this model. In the past we all say that 1000 game currency to a bet, bet we can make things, but it does not have the culture, have you seen the stone scissors cloth game? Certainly not. But JJ is not the same, it developed into a form of competition, the highest online even 700 thousand people at the same time to participate in a game, it is too scary.

" before I remember Dezhou poker to create Guinness world records only 100 thousand people online, it is not. But the Chinese Landlords game is a match for 700 thousand people in a small city. In the past, we said that you played better than me. The most competitive place is that the game, we are not a few to win or lose on the theory, but to the rankings and then award, and finally decided that you than I am the place where you win the championship. If you are in the WSOP

(World series of poker) won a prize, it's awesome, this is one thing can be measured. So it ended up as a game. We all love to spend 1 dollars to participate in a game in game currency, but the platform can not earn much money, the end of a platform can make money or rely on many other modes, but it is in such a way that brought about revolutionary progress to the world chess.

I personally with our company said that this thing is known as the chess industry 2 version, the 1 is to test out the play, the 2 version is chess culture, we can get together to play. Until 2015, in 2016 there were 3.

chess game 3 times

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