April Fool's day, the whole world in this game into a group

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The submission,

million net payment activities playing Yin Zidian, did not know unauthorized reprint

you? April Fool's day foreign website Reddit designed a brain hole wide open game, the rules are simple, in a 1000*1000 pixel blank picture, each user every 5 minutes, you can choose a color pixel, it will be with your love. But the point is, you can not only painted on the blank pixels, you can also "aggression" other people's pixels, into your color. There is no rule except for 5 minutes, and the game ends after three days.

if you let two people drive a car, it must be a car accident. But if the world's Internet users together in a canvas painting, and finally give up what kind of work? Reddit's official introduction also makes it clear that "one can create something, and together you can create more."".

although Reddit was dubbed the United States Post Bar, but the news came out, the world's friends have come to join the fun. At first, it was meaningless to paint a large amount of blank pixels into a solid color, and then netizens began to organize things, but there was always a troublemaker who destroyed their work. After the event is not simply because the fun to destroy other people's work so simple, the participants began to divide the camp, the real world contradictions into the canvas. The image of

" game of two hours, the beginning is only meaningless doodle.

took his Ukrainian flag over the Russian flag; DOTA2 game player of LOL icon launched an attack; the German flag again annexed Flag of France potherbmustard party; and East party together; Emperor Trump fans to try Trump portrait is blocked; Internet users around the world are trying to destroy the American flag. All of you come to me, tied a group, in which only the 1000*1000 territory launched a fierce tug of war. Unfortunately, this event did not attract attention in the country, reddit popularity in the country is also very low, so the presence of celestial sense is not high. (reddit is not a wall)

finally after 72 hours in the melee, the last work of the

" at the end of the game. The image image already contains a huge amount of information that

may have some do not know, we capture some interesting details:

feel bad place? Although this is just a simple game, but it seems to be a super large social experiments, and perhaps even the largest number of social experiments in history.

in almost no rules of the canvas, participants from disorder to spontaneous evolution after the beginning of the orderly, meaningless savage applied, single artist quickly set up a group of boundary forces began to appear. Followed by the forces of mutual annexation of the attack. With the process of the game, the major sections began to sign a mutual defense agreement, the world order began to be built and solidified. Finally, in order to deal with the famous

without integrity forum 4chan users consisting of chaotic evil alignment forces VIOD map black action, participate in and form the world's parliament, against the 4chan users. This evolution is a miniature history of human civilization.

hour game process, can see later becoming ordered up the major forces in the game


r/place game evolution process illustrates a truth, unity is to survive, the dispersion is to perish, don't hold together to form a clique has no say right. As the game progresses, the canvas gradually emerged some large forces, let us introduce them one by one. The nether

1. (void) BOSS

ultimate this event, by the famous twisted forum 4chan netizens assembled into the army, they are committed to destroy other people's work, all pixels. The distortion of the void represents the nature of human belligerence and destruction. 4chan netizens have the knowledge, the ability, the time, but the pursuit of endless destruction and disorder, where they are the deepest human nature of chaos and evil incarnate.

see the real nether nether

is the first to use the automatic drawing of forces, in order to deal with them, all the forces of the whole canvas to combine the establishment of the World Council, a concerted effort will eventually nether block in the outside of the canvas. One of the glorious achievements of the distortion of the void is in 3 hours swallowed the Central American flag.

Viod forces destroyed the flag of the United States

2. Rainbow Road in 3 hours (Rainbow Road)

Rainbow Road dedicated to draw the map of oblique penetration rainbow, rainbow eventually works large American flag in the upper right corner is their masterpiece. No one knows why they do it, whether the rainbow road represents the LGBT group we don't have to know. The rainbow road is a neutral good camp, will not take the initiative to attack other forces (except in the last 24 hours to attack the U.S. flag), and allow other forces in the rainbow road

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