Copy of the new 4 PVE approaching? The analysis of "the crisis" in the vanguard comics

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watch radio original manuscript, without permission, prohibit reprint!

official released earlier today, the latest episode of the comic book, "class=". Instead of saying that the cartoon is to add to the story that has not been told in the past, it is better to pave the way for the upcoming festival. The day before the official just announced the latest events, video - "" fits in with the comic account of the story, but the comic still to show us, many never published details.



teams at the end of the manga, and four sat on the plane, ready to go to London, this scene with Fran, 4 people were mad PVE team is somewhat similar, whether this is PVE new copy? In addition to this,

comics also continue to advance the vanguard of the story, which has a lot of points, to watch the radio with one by one analysis.

one, "zero" organization in the end is what to do?

"you will invade Arabia, Allah will let you conquer it. You will invade Persia, and Allah will let you conquer it. You will invade Rome. Then you will fight with the 'false savior', and Allah will let you defeat him. This is a section of the international terrorist organization ISIS official magazine second above. If this passage is extended to the world of the

, "you will invade London, and you will conquer it. You are going to invade Egypt, and you will conquer it. You will invade russia. Then you 'll have to fight against the' anti - intelligence ', who will let you beat him. "

for human rights is always an international terrorist organization to whitewash his excuse, watch vanguard animation film" new life ", the intellectual leader Meng Tada has become the intellectual rights for the leader, and was given the extremely strong religious. But the revolution is not a dinner party; not like the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom that rely on a few "no uniform, no warm" slogan, can be forced to modify the "Great Charter"; it's not like Liangshan that are human wisdom the bully, a shuttle bullets backhand the human stem get on the ground, then shouted out "I find brother Meng Da tower in london"......

"zero" is so used, those who did not experience the first time the intellectual crisis, a group of people on the extremely good mechanical intelligence. Of course, I believe there will be a lot of intelligence involved. After all, at the end of the war, most of the intelligence or to return society to help people build their homes, in part to carry forward the "Mary" spirit of human wisdom is serious, these weapons from the Middle East in poor areas as refugees.

"we have to be kind to smart weapons! (we want to treat refugees) "

" to open the door to receive intelligence! (open the door to receive refugees)

smart also has human rights! (refugees also have human rights) "

so you see, people are always blind. But Meng Da also inadvertently tower master lying gun, the ultimate purpose of zero "or dry terrorists with old job -- everywhere sabotage, but they have reasons to use and master the concept of Meng Da tower have much overlap. For the wisdom of survival rights, use the "master Meng dhata Wendou", everywhere speech with love on probation; "zero" by "fighting", a word not just engage in kidnapping to bomb the city center.

see here one might doubt whether "the Big Dipper" or "fighting", it seems not so legitimate, is the government in London is really like Song Huizong, in front of a group of Liangshan hero Zhuaernaosai, not the group for human rights for intellectual mechanical assemblies?

yes, the London government is really in a mess because of the Magna carta.

"Great Charter" is John in 1215 the king was forced to sign the constitutional document, because of the age, many terms and provisions in the file have been spent, but there are three terms of today is still valid. And one of the three valid clauses is "to guarantee the freedom of the Church of england".

so, Meng Tada will put London as the main meeting place of their own, "zero" will be activities - for the wisdom of the main battlefield of London as the human rights development terrorist organization security ah, in the "Great Charter" which was written. And it all belongs to the internal affairs of the United Kingdom, other countries can not interfere, not to mention the vanguard organization.

two, watch the pioneer organization political dilemma

"before you take the sword, to take the North Korea officials, package Longxing, it is to be made against? This is a classic comedy "

Stephen Chow" do not "inside a line, with

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