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speech is the most ecological reflection of the industry. In the game of grapes every weekend to launch the "grape sayings", on the industry condition, judge characters, the game industry will touch, down to earth on one side of the feedback to the readers.

1. money brings happiness, accounting for less than 5%, after a number of money to the quality of life will not change.

last week, NetEase CEO Ding Lei accepted a visit.

in the interview, Ding Lei introduced his values, outlook on life and world view, but netizens are more interested in Ding Lei's view on money:

"(in Ding Lao said, as long as you do a good job of product), just the way to make money what. "

, but he didn't say how much money he earned.

" according to netizens Lenovo bigwigs quotations, such as Ma Huateng said he "is the ordinary family," Ma "I am not interested in money," Liu Qiangdong, "I don't know this face blind, she is pretty or not".

"the main grape Tucao: micro-blog @ Onono Imoko Tucao summary:" love beauty Liu Qiangdong, general Ma Huateng family. Regret creating Ali, no one Wang Jianlin. Vegetable pig Ding three stone, the struggle of independence Wang Sicong. Plain Louis Koo, plump girl Direba. "

you, obviously very great, but said he did a very small thing.

I always feel less who.

2. X Interviewer: what search engine do you use? "X degree" "you go! "

civil service interview --" how do you understand political issues in the =''>

media interview -" where did you find the parties? "Know almost" this news is made up, right? "

kills a soft company interview -" how do you maintain your computer security? With security guards go

3. B station, you have a physical store. "

old drivers can get on the bus here!

4., "this is a very flattering, very loud! "

the story of others is always beautiful, but the fact is:

" brother...... Do you think this picture can...... "

" can't roll! "

grape monarch has a friend is a portal editor, often have time to find him.

"XX teacher, if you can send a draft for me, I can be in the hotel room, let you do Shandong usury Dun Huan for his mother to do. "

," you mean, let me get 11 people together? The essence of "

5." is not only entertainment, but also the function of education, training and information dissemination. As a cultural industry game should also play a game of this function, we should not only strengthen the entertainment game positive energy, but also to pay attention to the dissemination of knowledge and training capacity for the development and application of the purpose of the game, so we can really play an important role in the game industry.

last week, "Guangming Daily" and "banyuetan" and will spearhead Mobile Games "king of glory", said the mobile phone game for the teenagers' values had a "negative energy", also let the children decreased visual acuity, cervical spine deformation, the values of corruption, wasted youth.

Guangming Daily pointed out that primary school students have not yet learned the true history of China, so that the pre game, the formation of the role of the historical figures, there will be a misreading of history. For example, Jing Ke turned out to be a girl, the poetry of Li Bai became a famous doctor Bian Que is the assassin, poison master...

"banyuetan" article is an interview with a development of the "positive energy" game manufacturers, because the application is not to the number, was forced off the shelf. The article criticized the players do not accept the positive energy game.

has a dog!

game but through the audit, the players off what?

two party media article concluded that: to strengthen the supply side of the game industry reform, the production of more people to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of positive energy products.

actually, to meet the people's spiritual and cultural needs and positive energy is a pair of antonyms.

users have criticized: hand can tear devils, buns can when the bomb, grenade grenade hit the aircraft out of the crotch...... Is there anything else? CCTV historical drama does not face up to history, as well as the face of criticism of the game?

me ah, especially glad that he was born in this era.

30 years ago, you and your girlfriend went to KTV (then called dance hall) to play, will be guilty of hooliganism, was shot. But by now the official

game grumble, didn't play games of pupils are caught up, you are excited what kept.

you do not cherish a good time now, not to praise the great motherland's progress, not to create GDP's dedication to the youth, will again donkey your bus?

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"The ass is very loud!" Grape, quotations

"The ass is very loud!" Grape, quotations

"The ass is very loud!" Grape, quotations

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