Now popular Su Yan live? The makeup of the tiger really beautiful turned anchor!

Anchor makeup tiger now popular

guanaidianjingbaguaxie· 2017-04-07 11:56:33

recently popular star Qi Wei Su Yan makeup attracted people's attention, netizens said that Qi Wei is simply too bold. After all, there is a face is capricious, Qi Wei is still beautiful after the remover. Huya these bold beautiful anchor who has the courage to announce their makeup photos, after cleansing the teeth beautiful anchor who really beautiful turned!


Miss New Jin Ting Miss tiger anchor, with hearty sexy and funny live style to fame, after all, Yan wayward. Miss Christine is always very delicate makeup makeup on weekdays, the thought will vary greatly, did not expect the makeup makeup more beautiful than Deting miss it, this is the real natural beauty!


gaming old driver winter sun morning makeup photos, with a large box of black rimmed glasses, showing his white teeth, give people a feel relaxed vitality. In the daily, the winter sun only love no makeup makeup, she seems more cute, little difference, authentic!

Lu Xueqi

this is after a bath. ESports nurse, qingshuichufurong, natural carving. This photo allows the user to focus her attention on her face. Although all day on the computer, but Lu Xueqi's skin is still tender and tender, flawless, Du mouth look is very cute!


Miss to see this giant baby makeup photos, sitting in a stroller there are also signs of hand action scissors. Miss looks very recognizable, is one of the best beauty in gaming circles. Weekdays live big miss never makeup, the makeup of the Miss has more affinity with the daily makeup almost no difference!

" in the current live environment, as they dare to send makeup photos of the anchor is less and less, it is the beauty of Huya gathered, let a person feast. In the enjoyment of the beauty of the high value of the Yan can also enjoy the superb game technology, can be described as more than one stroke!

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