Li Xiaolu with sweet hope at the airport photos captured by users?

Netizen airport Li Xiaolu cold sweat

tengxunyule· 2017-04-07 12:58:05

you may have to brush the screen with Li Xiaolu in the airport and sweet sweet and warm, like the mother carrying his daughter happy

mother for her daughter to squat shoelaces, moving

ah? Sweet sweet shoes seems particularly troublesome, more than a year ago, with the tie of this scene, I also keep in mind that

" this year a little change in the title, release, just add a "Superman mother" a rub a variety of heat as the sense that

" but it is not embarrassing. I may be out in a cold sweat is good, died today, this seemingly casual airport show, just by the third party users alive staged the whole … …

" to shoot to the fork, dedication, and chicken!

Li Xiaolu's psychological quality is amazing, let you eat melon crowd come and go, do their own good!

", a large panoramic look, gee, I only take on the compression ability, people engage in posing female stars!

" and the familiar picture reminds me in various famous door rub logo Taobao Mattau … …

is the star of such a runway airport brush sense of presence, but also their acting is no ground for blame, after all, way of life. But Li Xiaolu is not too good, last year, his PO out of the airport, pretending to be surprised and said, "not a model, not the catwalk, dressed casually in … … thank you for airport Street photographer, I put this big shorty shoot down hard. "

and the forwarding, jiaochen said," where's the map? Who is the photographer? I have to admire him! "

that staring straight into the lens, as if to hear the photographer instructions" ready ", now 123, eggplant you'd ask who is our photographer? Amnesia roar!

" the masses have sharp eyes bright.

" now think of those at the airport, a giggle and flirt "who am I where I came from and where I'm going" face star, heart, pull pull cool cool … &hellip

, Fan Ye is really clean ·!

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