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One plus millet Xiaolong

walipingce· 2017-05-07 08:34:01

these days in addition to millet 6 plus 5 mobile phone panic buying, a message is sent, after the screening and identification of us, we are sorting out a more reliable one and 5 parameters, we take a look at:

5.5 inch resolution 1920 x 1080


64GB/128GB snapdragon processor 835 UFS 2.1

dual 12 million rear camera

800 megapixel front camera

battery 3580mAh

one version is matte black, and the fuselage behind the arc.

price may be 2899 yuan, $3099.

" we can from the analysis of parameters of simple, 5.5 inch screen this not what problem, mainly depends on the 2K screen with a resolution, can not is hard to say. But in order to control the cost must be enough, after all one plus mobile phone has never been very cheap, plus the 2K screen starts at close to 3000 yuan.

Xiaolong 835, 6GB memory global standard, which is also in line with the positioning of the flagship model in 2017, but also a plus style. As for the use of LPDDR4 or LPDDR4X, in fact, only the difference in power consumption, almost the same in performance.

dual 12 million pixel camera basically accords with the recent popular repertoire, as is a vertical or horizontal, vertical current may be relatively large, and we also analyzed from the design, if the mobile phone is gone back and the internal structure change will be great but, plus may not have too big change in appearance.

64GB/128GB UFS 2.1 has been almost the flagship model of the necessary mode, and to add a set of routines, the whole system to ensure that the use of UFS 2.1 will be sold at the conference as a selling point, by the irony of a friend.

" actually to want to buy a mobile phone with the people, in addition to the hardware parameters, the system has no big change is also very important. After all, the recent system does have a lot of people are in the spray, and even some people say that the new phone release if it is the original version of the system to buy, it seems there is still a long way to go. Not many other

these days will grab the millet mobile phone person? One plus 5 is released and I also want to buy millet almost, is not so easy, we will grab a evaluation, there is no spot, is not shuahou, or to see the results.

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