Xu Haihuan: look in the eyes of the aura of happiness is hot mom

Xu Haihuan tunnel warfare

juziyule· 2017-05-07 08:33:57

recently star class 96 reunited, orange Jun think this class is too strong, all are stars. They also found Xu Haihuan in their group photo, that is, to turn over her old photos.

Xu Haihuan is a sophomore starred in the "intern's story" in the drama, she played any sound. The following diagram two is left her, belongs to the pure gentle appearance.

2000", she starred in the TV series "like a fog like rain and like the wind", in the play she played the role of Fan Lijun, the drama has become one of her early representative. I didn't see the show, but I decided to take a look at it.

2001, Xu Haihuan Li Jiang played in a corner of TV drama "Qin Shihuang", feel this time her face has faded sentimental.

", she in the TV series "dust settled" as Sanghi Zhuoma, is a beautiful, frank with traditional virtue girl.

"in the world" to justice, she played for parents and become homeless the dumplings are Reiki ah, every twinkle and smile.

"pingzong the movie", Xu Haihuan plays the mermaid crystal.

2004, in "before the nine" in the nine sub gate Zhang she played the quiet, gentle appearance, character is filled with vitality and fearless, forthright after Jing ping.

" in the "silly little" in which she played the Liyuan lovesick Princess of Zhaoyang.

2007", in the "night of Harbin" as Xu Haihuan Liu Xufei, she also advance into the group in order to do the homework.

2008" in her years "soldiers" as their delicate, character talented independent female Zhai qian.

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