Wong Cho Lam carrying Lin Chiling low back pain wife: can give birth to a child

Wong Cho Lam Lin Chiling run Leanne Li

juziyule· 2017-05-07 08:34:20

entertainment NetEase in May 7 reported according to Taiwan media reports, Taiwan's first supermodel Lin Chiling recently on the mainland show "run", in a fight, and she has "the Hong Kong version of natto" said Wong Cho Lam a team, happy birthday Wong Cho Lam will play MAN force in the water to carry Zhi Ling sister, unexpectedly last night sorrow, pain, wife Leanne Li after that ask said: "you can not have children? "

Lin Chiling recently with Joey Yung, Cai Zhuoyan et al. (a Sa) in" run ", because the show started appointing Zhi Ling sister, 162 cm and 175 cm Lin Chiling Wong Cho Lam with the team, to become the most adorable height difference, Lin Chiling began to put the" protection "of Wong Cho Lam, but in the process it is careful Wong Cho Lam frequently offer warm bag, toilet paper, and took the opportunity to reverse loss Lin Chiling" really too will take care of themselves".

in a swimming pool at the fight, Lin Chiling generous "ride" on Wong Cho Lam, the formation of combat battle formation, deer Han, Di Ali Gerba, but at the end of the series, Wong Cho Lam was so pain one night, his wife Leanne Li is also out of concern through the video, saying: "you can not be born the child? Laugh at the crowd.

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