Heart-broken! The two 5 year old boy bizarre "disappeared", died!

Children cars Shandong

qianjiangwanbao· 2017-05-07 08:40:33

the two day of the Shandong Dezhou Qingyun County Xu Garden township town of

on overcast days, there are two families like the weather is cloudy

their children's day on May 2nd is missing.

two children suddenly disappear


No. 2 Shandong, Dezhou Qing Yunxian two 5 years old

at home playing suddenly disappeared

parents found immediately after the alarm to find relatives to find


but still nothing

" in the U.S. when

view scorched by the flames monitoring the police seemed to have found the last child

time in monitoring is at about 12:50

in a van and a black car after

again There is no record of the two children

may not be the two children in the back of the car when the

was taken away?

police continue to view the monitor

find that the two cars around without any

and the child's disappearance is monitored dead

police through the van

glass observation car trunk seems to have opened off like

then immediately contact the car owners to open the trunk of

indeed the two children in the trunk of

parents to put their children to the hospital

two children eventually died

the police informed of the cause of death

5 3 months later

Qingyun informed the police of the two children of non the case of the death of the normal

Two children play together at noon on May 2nd when

climbed into the car trunk neighbor forgot to turn off the

after the self will shut down the

because of the trunk in the narrow space of long-term hypoxia

heat stroke death

car, hypoxia, heat stroke, death

this keyword to see how some familiar

which unfortunately is not the first to see the

[img6 ]

not all can save a lot of

inside the trunk of the trunk of the car, you may see a small black lid, open the lid, you can see the inside of a white button or switch. Pull the pull button or toggle switch, the trunk can be opened, which is what we call "trunk escape device".

" but not every car has such a

escape device reporter selected 9 different brands of cars, domestic

includes German, Japanese, American and British Department of automotive

experimental results show that the

car is only 2 the trunk escape device

the remaining 7 vehicles were not found in the trunk escape device

industry also said China's

on the car door lock and keep the national standard in

is not mandatory for this

that even with the escape device for a

the child is

in the face of danger of self-help is unlikely to tell the child so

don't lock yourself in the car

also remind yourself. Don't let the kids in the car

" (to be alone with the network, do not imitate

) these moves are very dangerous

parents holding car

children get off on their own "img_box"

" alone in the car "img_box"

let the children out of the sunroof

car with sharp objects

does not use the safety seat

news source: night bus (szxwybc) comprehensive CCTV news, Qilu one point, @ Qingyun public security, @ Suzhou police, video from" good morning Shandong "," is it true? "

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Heart-broken! The two 5 year old boy bizarre "disappeared", died!

Heart-broken! The two 5 year old boy bizarre "disappeared", died!

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