The role of the Lord of the rings in the Middle Earth: shadow of war

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In an interview with Achievements

Xbox, Monolith Michael de Plater and the former creative director to discuss how to apply "into the role of Middle Earth: the shadow of war" in the story, and said it would not "the Lord of the rings" characters in the "hard" to the game.

Plater said: "we've been trying to avoid" hard "characters, but if they can integrate into the game and to promote the development of the story, then we will put them in. "

", "the shadow of war," there are many from the Lord of the rings, the key figures, we also let the music back to the game. It is clear that the power of the Lord, the Lord of the rings, has a close relationship with him, and we will introduce a new character.

in particular, Plater also mentioned that the production team to expand the image character and spirit ring background story is very excited: "of course, they are still Keller and Bree Peng (casting of Nenya), the power of the ring, Sauron is closely related to game player in the game will know more about their history. "

hope this" Middle Earth: the shadow of war "can introduce some interesting characters in" the Lord of the rings "or eggs, if you can see Tom Pangbadi singing in the outskirts of Mordor, then this is a lot of fun.

source: VideoGamer

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