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guanchazhewang· 2017-05-07 21:16:30

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following this week, Chinese for the large aircraft project, the success of the first C-919 aircraft to fly is undoubtedly a very important milepost. Although in several large aircraft project, C-919 is the application of foreign advanced products and technology most, most civil is a pure, but this does not affect the fans in the outside and Prospect of the aircraft in the military field value. As a focus on economic value of the aircraft, C-919 into a military aircraft problems, and finally have to calculate the economic accounts. In another place, with North Korea's official news agency of the government China a fierce criticism, the future direction of China DPRK relations began to concern in the United States aircraft carrier after half a month and arrived at the sea of Japan to honor their demonstrations, the future of the Korean Peninsula to where, largely depends on North Korea I want to.

how to get a large aerial platform

on Friday, China's self-developed C-919 aircraft in Shanghai Pudong Airport successfully conducted the first flight. For the past few years has been plagued by a variety of delays in the C-919, this is undoubtedly a good news, but also marks the launch of the C-919 flight test process in full swing. As I live on Friday afternoon C-919 aircraft first flight program mentioned above, as to fly in this ARJ-21 "Tuition" models after the truly new development models, this machine can make full use of a variety of civil aircraft in flight before China evidence of the experience, can bypass many before because of the lack of certification test procedures and requirements understanding bring obstacles.

, but a lot of people to the enthusiasm of C-919 and more than this airliner uses, but from the beginning it was proposed including C-919 as air refueling, airborne early warning and electronic warfare aircraft, anti submarine patrol aircraft and other special military aircraft platform idea.

as a take-off weight of less than 80 tons of aircraft, have to say that in many cases, this idea is sometimes too optimistic. On the one hand, as an air refueling aircraft need big carrying capacity, so the size of the C-919 plane size is clearly not enough to meet the demand, even if the machine inside the cabin or cargo changed for fuel tanks, in accordance with the machine and weight, the most they can carry 30-35 tons of fuel oil, and the detonation Chinese air force equipment -6 be roughly the same, so far less than IL -78 oil containing 60 tons of large tankers, although the machine uses the engine fuel consumption is relatively low, but the oil loading on the congenitally deficient has restricted its application. As a platform similar to such a large-scale AWACS air marshals -2000, C-919 is not enough size.

on the other hand, as China large aircraft project in the global investment cooperation, the use of a large number of Western products C-919 before the realization of the main system localization, if any violation of the end user agreement, the civilian products for military use, will not only affect the normal use of these aircraft in the army, even affect the normal production and use the more the number of civilian type C-919.

as a sales is expected to be hundreds of thousands of aircraft airliner, dozens of military special machine for up to hundreds of aircraft and to project global influence, it is not wise to simply move.

C919" officially referrals when users have been made on the platform of C919 special machine imagine figure

reason why there is such that expectations for C-919, one of the reasons is because the passenger aircraft machine as the Shanghai business development and on the fly, though the half-way dismount shipped -10 in positioning technology, there is a huge difference, but C-919 is still regarded as -10 in succession in the new century, but also on the back of the latter at the beginning of the design as a warning machine to expand use special mission aircraft platform. On the other hand, it also reflects the serious shortage of China's aviation industry in the special aircraft platform.

" flying day appeared a lot of the older generation of people in the air C919, do not know how many had participated in the 10 projects for

despite the tankers, can do large airborne early warning, but the maximum takeoff nearly 80 tons of medium the aircraft platform can still be used for various types of electronic warfare aircraft, anti submarine patrol aircraft and medium-sized awacs. In today's China, the main task is to undertake various types of transport -8/ shipped from the development of special -9 platform. Due to limitations of turboprop aircraft platform size, flight speed, endurance and so on, although the aircraft has become China all kinds of high-tech special machine platform of choice, but it is after all Chinese situation caused by inorganic optional air force. In addition to

-8, Chinese in similar tonnage platform only boom -6, although the boom -6 platform close in size, flight speed is also faster, but the problem of the high fuel consumption of the engine to life time has greatly limits its development as a special platform.

" from this perspective, the detonation -6 renewal, is the key to solve this problem, and for the Chinese air force, which is obviously not what secret. In fact, as early as the imitation of the safety of -12 development in China -
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