Stock rose: millet 6 crazy volume!

Millet robot Tmall

qudongzhijia· 2017-05-08 06:27:17

now popular models do not want to do almost impossible, especially just after the release soon, such as millet 6 this, but the recent action from millet, the stock is indeed a lot of good.

5 9, millet and Tmall jointly held a super brand, is the main character of millet 6, official known as "crazy peatlands", 0 points, 10 points, 20 points in three games all day long the whole point of panic buying. Although

still want to grab, but the opportunity to open the purchase of millet 6 obviously more, so go down will be more convenient to buy.

in addition to millet 6, millet MIX 128GB, Note 2 64GB white millet bright silver color is also scarce glaciers will release a new batch of goods, the price of 3499 yuan, 2799 yuan , interested not miss.

other products:

5S 3+64GB millet single stand by 200 yuan, hand price of 1799 yuan millet 5S Plus 4+64GB

single stand by 200 yuan, hand price of 2099 yuan

red rice 4 3GB+32GB single stand by 50 yuan, hand price of 949 yuan

millet TV 65 inch single minus 4A 400 yuan, hand price of 6099 yuan (including freight)

millet notebook Air 13.3 inch (i5) straight down 100 yuan, hand price of 4899 yuan

water purifier kitchen work millet 6 free send

PP cotton filter m home sweeping robot to send 59 yuan chaxianban

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