Russia's death game into the Chinese people to organize the game group

Game Russia Z

qianjiangwanbao· 2017-05-08 09:57:59

[Russia game of death crept into China! Netizens said has been organizing game group] "blue whale" game of death "(Blue Whale) is originated in Russia a Dutch act type game of death, the game encourages game player in 50 days to complete all kinds of cruel hurt their own tasks. Many teenagers have been bewitched to end their lives! Some users reported that this cult game has been flowing into China, one of the tasks of the blue whale challenge is to get up every day, 4:20, China has also appeared in the mainland, similar to wake me 4:20 code social group. Parents are wary of children's mobile phone similar to the blue whale, 4:20 wake me and other words of social groups, whether it is a joke, please be vigilant!

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