How to treat dysmenorrhea of women with Moxibustion

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is the therapy of moxibustion of traditional Chinese medicine commonly used in clinical application, and with the method of Chinese medicine widely, for a female friend, can moxibustion to alleviate dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders and treatment, but the principle of moxibustion dysmenorrhea many people don't understand this, because many people ask how to use moxibustion to treat dysmenorrhea? Women dysmenorrhea how to do? Next for all of you, for your reference.

how to treat dysmenorrhea with moxibustion?

moxibustion method is very commonly used in the treatment of dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea moxibustion principle is: the leaf has a special smell and warm, with warm smell of this special can regulate the human body function, so it can relieve the muscle reflex spasm of the uterus of the female role, but also to help female friend the menstrual period to Huoxuetongluo pain relieving spasm.

is often said that the general rules of pain, pain is not. This is the principle of moxibustion dysmenorrhea. Need female friends to pay attention, usually moxibustion treatment of dysmenorrhea achieve better therapeutic effect, in the choice of moxa must pay attention, the best choice of good treatment of moxibustion, but now on the market with inferior very much. Therefore, dysmenorrhea patients must be careful at the time of purchase.

experts remind female friends before doing moxibustion, we must first clear the causes of dysmenorrhea, and then identify the appropriate acupuncture points, so as to achieve symptomatic treatment of moxibustion treatment of dysmenorrhea purposes.

is usually taken in the polar hole (in the supraumbilical an inch position) and Guanyuan and Sanyinjiao acupoints of moxibustion, while abdominal acupoints, female patients can be in supine position, the size of 3 mm above the ginger in abdominal acupoint dysmenorrhea patients, then take the few moxa on ginger. It ignited after moxibustion, we must pay attention to, if you feel some high temperature, to move on, otherwise it will burn the skin.

if you take an moxibusting Sanyinjiao acupoint, methods of moxibustion, usually beginning in the first few days of the menstrual dysmenorrhea patients began to do moxibustion, until the cessation of menstruation after continuous moxibustion days, we should pay attention to, every 20 minutes to 30 minutes of acupuncture moxibustion.

women dysmenorrhea how to do? Method of rapid analgesic method recommended soaking pepper, pepper

1 soaking method

women do, because pepper can dispel cold, lack of vitality and help, and foot reflex zone of various organs, can play a role in the disease, promote the body's meridians circulation to alleviate dysmenorrhea.

2, apply a hot water bottle abdominal

may be due to dysmenorrhea girls with a cold, because the girls to menstruation is very easy to catch cold, once cold is prone to the phenomenon of dysmenorrhea. At this time, if the hot water bag deposited abdomen, can relieve pain with high temperature, is a physical solution without any side effects.

3, drink brown sugar water

if the pain can not extricate themselves, try to drink a cup of hot brown sugar water, take effect very quickly. Brown sugar is one of the most common materials are available in many places, as long as a cup of hot boiling water clothes, can solve dysmenorrhea troubles, and its effect is obvious, is many female friends love the way. Dysmenorrhea girls may wish to try. Method

4 do eat durian, durian

women dysmenorrhea is mainly targeted at the woman because of cold dysmenorrhea, uterine contraction leading to internal cold dysmenorrhea, durian heat, for the improvement of abdominal cold symptoms, but durian is good, but still can not eat too much, because eating too much can cause the body the hot, it is best to eat the durian drink after a little salt water or eat a small amount of fruit to keep balance.


relaxation method of naked naked is very effective, because of the pain is generally divided into secondary dysmenorrhea and primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea women generally need to go to hospital for treatment of primary dysmenorrhea, usually because of the tension of the body how do women dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea by naked needle is just played a role for this problem, can make the muscles of the body naked stay relaxed, especially for the shortage of abdominal visceral nervous system's easy to achieve remission, will also increase the ability to adapt and immunity, promote blood circulation. In order to cure due to intense dysmenorrhea.

6, massage to relieve dysmenorrhea

(1), abdominal massage, lying on the bed, first hands rub, and then put your hands in the upper abdomen, first massage 60~100 times from top to bottom, from left to right massage 60~100 times, finally turn round massage 60 times, with the Bureau of the Ministry of ruddy skin is appropriate, daily sooner or later each time.

(2), massage the acupuncture, the acupoints on human thigh, from knee bone on the inner side of the corner, above about three fingers wide muscle ditch, one click on the place to feel the pain. Massage method is to rub his hands, and then press in Xuehai, clockwise massage five minutes.

(3), massage Zusanli point, with the palm of a hand

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