As players, we may all want such a dream wedding

Game player game final fantasy Dragon Quest

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-05-08 14:41:53

even in the most important occasions in life, the real players will not be stingy to express their love of the game, such as the following. Just a few days ago on their own, but also for the "Final Fantasy" and "Dragon Quest" series held a wedding.

Twitter users - - San (as well as the bride's sister) to shoot a few photos, record the game player's wedding.

" photo of the bride and groom is holding a foreign exchange wedding theme of the book, oath; wedding invitations installed in PS5.5 (the wedding date is May 5th) game box, written on the cover of "bride wedding fantasy"; seating chart is "Final Fantasy" style, drawing all the characters in the final fantasy character pixel wind, while Sina and the other is the bride from "Final Fantasy 15" (Noctis and Luna).

" wedding ring was placed in the "Dragon Quest" theme of the chest, there are series of iconic monsters guarding the treasure. The wedding cake is decorated with lovely bird and slime, even the bride's nails are dotted with elaborate design of the theme Manicure.

" in the holy wedding ring and his beloved game will be delivered to the sweetheart, this is probably all game player "Final Fantasy", the couple will spend life the most beautiful day, let us bless they are together.

source: Dualshockers

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As players, we may all want such a dream wedding

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