The woman found that the pregnancy was found to have been married before the birth of a child

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jiangnandoushibaoZAK· 2017-05-08 19:21:39

Chen Qian, Jiangnan metropolis media reporter Chen Jianxin reported: suspected illegitimate son, father and son meet the court, but shaped like a stranger. In May 8th, the reporter was informed that the lotus county people's court admissibility with alimony disputes, until the paternity results came out after the conclusion, who lives in Lianhua county countryside man song once fulfilled before too late to regret, owed alimony, and said it would pay alimony.

original song and Lee Mouben, a pair of lovers, both during love had sexual relationship, due out of character, two people broke the peace. Unexpectedly, shortly after breaking up, Lee found himself pregnant, they go back to retrieve the song, which song has been married with others. Lee was reluctant to unborn child, so the child is born, due to economic constraints, but to the court of song, but the song was always insist the child is not non biological, for identification to the court in the verdict after the entry into force also refused to perform their duty.

as the child grew up, the birth mother Lee no fixed income, and not remarried, has been unable to bear the cost of children. In desperation, had to apply to the court to increase alimony. Song was very excited to see a lawsuit, and that non biological child will not pay alimony. In the case of the judge patiently discouraged, and explained to him that the judgment has come into force and has applied for paternity testing. Paternity came out after the song was dumbfounded, watching his son in front of tears streaming down, it is unable to recognize the son.

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