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causes a lot of dry cough, but for young children, the most common reason is the back of the nose. This is because the cold flow of nasal water, because the baby lying down and the nose back to stimulate the throat, and thus the phenomenon of cough. At this point you can use steam, or drink plenty of water to ease cough, simple and effective.

, a simple treatment of dry cough in children

1, Jiang Huang plus honey

Jiang Huang is a very effective ingredient, curcumin is an effective preservative. Mix a tablespoon of honey with a small amount of turmeric and let the baby eat at bedtime. Turmeric mixed with warm milk is also the same effect.

2, honey and lemon

according to the research, honey and lemon is a very effective way to treat dry cough. For children, honey is a natural cough suppressant, and lemon can trigger a mixture of ingredients to operate effectively.

baby is easy to cough due to a cold.

3, dry incense white pepper

if cough accumulation to your baby's lungs and chest, trying to give him a mixture of dried thyme and pepper. Mix a cup of warm water with a spoonful of dried thyme and a dash of pepper and add some honey to drink.

4, the use of essential oils massage

rub some of the essential oil in the baby's chest, which can relieve dry cough, relieve nasal congestion. But make sure you use essential oils that are safe for your baby.

5, let the baby drink plenty of water

one of the most simple way to treat dry cough is to nourish the baby's body. Let the baby drink plenty of water, water can dilute the mucus, and eliminate the dry cough. But avoid cold drinks and caffeine drinks.

6, ginger coconut sugar tea

grind some ginger and mix coconut sugar, and let the baby suck the mixture. Ginger is an effective dry cough inhibitor that soothes sore throat and chest pain. Mint and ginger tea can also be used to treat dry cough.

7, onion juice and honey

mixed with a tablespoon of onion juice and a tablespoon of honey, let 5~6 hours. Feed your baby two times a day and you will see results.

8, try to chew clove

clove can instantly relieve dry cough, is a very effective ingredient. Let your baby chew cloves and chew cloves to reduce irritation and dry cough.

9, use warm water gargle

a cup of warm water to add a little salt, and let the baby use this warm saline gargle, 2~3 times a day. Gargling with warm salt water can soothe the baby's throat and help with a dry cough.

10, try to inhale steam

inhalation of steam can clear the nose, also can effectively treat the child's dry cough. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil into a steaming hot water, and use a towel to protect your baby's head, close to the lungs.

1, two, the cause of the baby cough causes foreign body irritation in the throat

is the most common refluence. A lot of children because of cold caused by nasal flow, lying prone to turn back the nose, throat irritation, cough.

2, due to inflammation of the bronchial

in the baby after a cold, sometimes because of bronchial inflammation and dry cough phenomenon, at this time may need to take the baby for medical treatment, there is a way to cure.

3, allergic cough caused by

some babies will be allergic to cough due to the phenomenon, usually in the morning is more significant. This type of cough can easily develop into asthma, so parents must pay attention to.

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