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pregnant women long hemorrhoids cause

women in the late pregnancy, have their own abdomen in the constantly growing, and may even be the case of oppression of veins. It may also be blocked in the circulation of the blood. The special factors of female body also increased the risk of suffering from hemorrhoids. In particular, the location of the anus may be due to the oppression of the uterus caused by the body, leading to the return of blood is affected, resulting in hemorrhoids.

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pregnant women in the presence of hemorrhoids problems, do not feel too bored. We can also accept the doctor's examination, the doctor can according to the actual situation, the choice of drugs for treatment. Some hemorrhoids drugs will not affect the healthy development of the fetus. But for the sake of safety, we recommend that pregnant women should first see the main ingredients of the drug, as far as possible do not choose musk or alum and other ingredients of the drug. These drugs may stimulate the fetus.

2. surgical treatment.

drug treatment effect is not obvious, but can ease the pain caused by hemorrhoids. In the case of drug treatment is invalid, many pregnant women will choose the method of surgical treatment. Surgical treatment depends on the time of female pregnancy. If we are in the later stages of pregnancy, we would not recommend surgery.

in the early stages of pregnancy, we also do not recommend surgery for the treatment of hemorrhoids hemorrhoids. At the time of surgery, we need to use anesthetics or antibiotics, and don't get in touch with these drugs when the fetus is unstable. Pregnant women for the health of the fetus, or wait until after childbirth surgery.

3. cryotherapy.

in addition to surgical treatment, there are other ways to alleviate the problem of hemorrhoids treatment. For example, cryotherapy, injection therapy and ligation therapy.

to prevent hemorrhoids long pregnant women pregnant women, in order to avoid the emergence of hemorrhoids, still need to start from the daily life, good care of their health and fetus.

1. diet. in the prevention of hemorrhoids, it is recommended that pregnant women appropriate replenishment, select fresh and nutritious ingredients. Eat more vegetables and fruits, pregnant women who want to eat spicy or irritating foods. In order to promote gastrointestinal motility, it is recommended that pregnant women eat more fiber containing foods.

2. sleeping. in the sleep position, we recommend that pregnant women choose to sleep on the left side, so as to avoid oppression to the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava. To a greater extent to avoid the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

3. appropriate activities. pregnant women also need appropriate activities. Pregnant women are more prone to long hemorrhoids if sedentary.

long piles after pregnancy do not have to worry too much, in a timely manner to accept the doctor's examination, the choice of treatment, I hope the pregnant women will be able to eliminate the pain as soon as possible. (99 Health Network (, if reproduced, please indicate the source)

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