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huanqiushibao· 2017-05-09 14:09:09

" (the Reuters chart) ended the French presidential election in 2017, a former French President elect Emmanuel Mucklow held a ceremony to celebrate Le Louvre Museum in Paris museum.

[global network reported] according to the British Reuters reported on May 8th, newly elected French President Emmanuel • Ma Kelong's economic adviser, said the same day, Ma Kelong will be in the hardline off the terms of European negotiations, but has no intention to punish britain. According to

reports, Ma Kelong's economic adviser Frei (Jean Pisani-Ferry) said that once the British withdraw from the EU, will be completely cut off the British and the other members of the contact, on either side are unfavorable, and said that the EU and UK in the common interest in maintaining economic and security. "We have different interests in some aspects of the negotiations,"

said in an interview with Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC). It will be difficult to negotiate, and Mr Ma will be tough. "Because the horse cron aims to consolidate the EU, so don't try to British champions back the corresponding penalty", he added.

"punishment? Certainly not. But believe a horse cron Europe is to solve the current problems. "(internship compilation: Guo Yuzan Xueyu reviewer: Tian Ruizhe

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