Wish Han Hong and Guan Tong get married? Huang Xi: false news

Han Hong Guan Tong micro-blog USA

tengxunyule· 2017-05-09 20:57:54

Tencent entertainment news in May 9th, Han Hong Guan Tong is a registered marriage broke triggering hot, and talk show host Wong also said "congratulations on forwarding". But after a while he deleted the document. In the evening, Wong clarified and apologized in micro-blog, said he did not verify the forwarded a false message, Han Hong's reputation has a negative impact on the future, I hope we forgive.

Huang apologized to the original:

this morning, in the absence of verification of the forwarded a message about the marriage of Han Hong in the United States, friends suddenly opened the pot. I am well intentioned forwarding, but objectively friends remind me this is already a decade of sustained false news, and Han Hong is a soldier in active service before 2016, there is a private passport does not allow the United States more likely not to get married ah! I was aware of the seriousness of the problem, and then find a friend to verify that the teacher Guan Tong husband has a son and family harmony. Originally I forwarded a completely does not conform to the authenticity and objectivity of the news false news, the current micro-blog has been deleted. But I do have a negative impact on the reputation of the teacher Han Hong, sincerely apologize to Mr. Han Hong here! Hope you forgive.

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