Alipay big move: iPhone only 3.8 yuan a day

IPhone Alipay shared bicycle sharing charging treasure

zhongguancunzaixian· 2017-05-10 10:54:42

"no parking pile, do not do card, two-dimensional code will be able to sweep the lock, do not have the time to stop at any legitimate non motor vehicle parking point" which shared bicycle times provide us with convenience, with shared bicycle hot, sharing economy seems to be swept through our lives, although more and more malpractice exposure. But this does not affect all the chiefs of the sharing economy favored.

not only shared bicycle sharing time sharing bicycle, car sharing, sharing some KTV also have appeared in our life, and of course sharing charging treasure, Chen Ouhao threw 300 million yuan investment sharing charge treasure, although Wang Sicong bad, but from the current data sharing, charging treasure the future is still very broad, as will become another successful shared economic model, there is time to be polished.

sharing charging treasure

however, Ma's recent Alipay's rent iPhone for you to use, only 3.8 yuan a day! Looks like a very cost-effective look, according to hire 365 days a year, the cost of the lease is about $1387, while the current iPhone7 diving magnitude is actually the scope of this.

iPhone rent only 3.8 yuan a day rental

according to different models, color, color, size, format, and different network channels, the price is not the same: 9 a new iphone6 99 yuan per month; 9 new iPhone6plus monthly the new iphone7 129 yuan; 249 yuan per month; the new iphone7plus 289 yuan per month, in addition, there are HUAWEI, OPPO, Meizu also ranks in the lease.

phone rental price

additionally, the lease starts at 6 months in =''>

but this activity is to cooperate with Alipay parent company's credit payment service sesame ant system, according to different credit score can enjoy different levels of benefits. In this way, can be said to be fully bound of Alipay Ma Yun, estimates of frequency of use will gradually improve.

mobile phone rental can be said to be another Alipay business, and every day the cost of 3.8 yuan is also very low, to attract people's attention, do not know how many people will choose to rent a iPhone to use.

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