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18 million onlookers, back tens of thousands of problems, 2 hours to answer 39 questions, this is Lei Jun May 8th 20:00 Taobao answers guest talk millet 6 victories and other related topics. On the day before the 6 came millet will launch snapdragon 660 low version of the rumor, following a rumor on micro-blog, Lei again denied. At the same time, he also revealed that this year's millet home to open at least 200, and soon will be opened in India, the first local millet home.

rough onlookers a bit of this question, there is a rough feeling, Lei Jun is simply walking advertisement, various parameters and functions of daobeiruliu, millet early heart, dream by heart, the intimate and pleasing their ability is, of course, a good sense of humor is also necessary.

because of moving, I send you a

F code to help the family to buy dozens of millet mobile phone, but also to help friends, so many relatives buy millet "extreme Rice noodles" with Lei Jun complained that "I have been waiting for millet 6, but the first two full seconds, take the number 5 I didn't leave the computer all day half step, from 10 in the morning to grab 8 o'clock at night is the second, love for F codes".

Lei Jun: to tell the truth, we have been working hard to improve production capacity, we also hope that each rice can be the first time to use millet 6. At the same time, thank you so much rice, I decided to give you the first F code today, because rice, so millet. Our colleagues will contact you later. "

users: Ray total ah, then 6 meters conference, I simply in the computer class using a mobile phone to read the whole flow, when ray total that one is always the heart of hope millet when Rice noodles the coolest company, have to say actually feel a lit, really, I love 6 meters, then grab so many did not grab millet home booking is not able to grab, really heart stopper, hope this will not be empty handed, or I only expect to get F code.

Lei Jun: Thank you so much like millet, but I personally do not agree with the use of mobile phones in class to see the conference, see the video playback of the conference is also possible. Send you a F code today, only hope that when you concentrate on your studies in class. Our staff will contact you later.

users: millet 6 screen?

Lei Jun: send you a F code, so you can experience our excellent screen.

users: Ray greatly Hello, from 4 began to use millet millet mobile phone, remember millet 4 is released in July 22, 2014, every time to see the millet conference, although not at the scene, but the same, and the atmosphere is very excited, I hope millet mobile phone can get better and better, I am very proud of my Rice noodles, and look forward to tomorrow buy millet 6. In the end, I wish everything goes well!

Lei Jun: Thank you for your support! I give you a F code. My colleague will contact you.

users: Ray total, Hello, so late still struggle on the job front, work hard, I run a small company, three years all customer gifts and the company will have millet things, basic now send, hope millet and m home have more quality new products appear, now our company all employees have recently Rice noodles, successfully grab 6 meters, I hope Lei Zong attempted several times, give a chance, because there is really no time to grab, ray always refueling, refueling millet.

Lei Jun: business is difficult, wish your company is bigger and bigger, the last F code sent you today, our colleague will contact you.

was summed up, want to send Lei F code, we must show a senior Rice noodles temperament, must from very early on began to use millet mobile phone, must each conference must see, must boast good millet skyline, must be crazy to grab F code but has been attempted, must wish good luck in everything Lei … &hellip in short, must be routine Lei.

routines to be deep, chicken soup to thick

users: millet design more and more Chinese "manufacturing" appearance, get rid of the prejudice against the Chinese made in the past.

Lei Jun: this friend is very sympathetic to me. We have a great prejudice against manufacturing China before, so we embrace such a dream founded millet: experience with a genuine goods at a fair price attitude and a starting from the user to the extreme, transformation of an industry, and promote the upgrading of the manufacturing industry China.

users: I want to buy millet 6, daughter-in-law do not buy how to do?

Lei Jun: tell your wife, you are bought to take pictures of her, because millet 6 people more beautiful.

users: ray total. What do you think mother's day to send millet products more appropriate?

Lei Jun: Send a rice appliances rice cooker, and more to accompany his mother to eat a meal.

users: mine is always good, I am from millet 1, use 2S, and then to millet, millet, millet, 5, and now out of millet, then the problem is, what kind of hairstyle you comb today,,?

Lei Jun: … … guess.

users: please use a word to describe your current state.

Lei Jun: shuai! Last night,

Lei Jun millet 6 Taobao answers, seems to be in the hammer conference preheat tonight, also seems to be in play, the eyes of the beholder.

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