1200 yuan, the resurrection of the computer 38 years ago

Palm Japanese yen SHARP

cnBeta· 2017-05-11 16:05:54

The research agency HAL

in Japan raised a 1979 launch of the classic computer models, the sale of SHARP's "MZ-80C", but they launched the mini size "MZ-80C", it can be placed in the palm, priced at 19800 yen, down 1200 yuan, on sale in mid October 2017.

" this engraved version of the MZ-80C mini size is only the original 1/4, but the sparrow may be small, not only the shape of the perfect reduction of nearly 40 years in front of the computer, reproduction of the opening and closing structure (bottom up), is also equipped with a switch exchange tape, can replace the tapes, removed the red shell to replace the screen.

"MZ-80C" in 1979, when the price is 268000 yen per month, only 500 Taiwan, Replica now equipped with SmileBASIC, HDMI interface, USB charge, limited edition.

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