Chen Yufan drunk smashed cars paparazzi have alarm

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wangyiyule· 2017-05-11 19:37:18

entertainment NetEase reported in May 11th 5 month 10 days, all star probe photographed Chen Yufan night KTV got drunk, found that after being shot not only to swing the smashed cars, and exposed the mantra, after Chen Yufan, the master of entertainment issued a statement of apology. In May 11th, all star tried to respond to Chen Yufan's excesses by micro-blog, saying he had called the police.

5 on the evening of 11 August, the all star exploration by micro-blog to respond to the events of Chen Yufan said: "the artist Mr. Chen Yufan carpenter entertainment and the company photographer's conflict a statement released yesterday, the company has several points of the event: 1, the video content is absolutely true, no fake, speculation public opinion guidance, behavior. 2, the other party said the continuous tracking behavior does not exist, the way home is indeed a coincidence. 3, Chen Yufan caused by misunderstanding of violence, causing injuries to our personnel and vehicle damage, then read and Chen timely apology and circumstances excusable, we have no further investigation. 4, the master stated that instead of apologizing to us for Chen Yufan's violent actions, he misrepresented the facts and misled the public. 5, our company has called the police today and the matter has been dealt with by the police. "

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Chen Yufan drunk smashed cars paparazzi have alarm

Chen Yufan drunk smashed cars paparazzi have alarm

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