Yunnan jailbreak drug dealer Zhang Lincang: want to go home to meet her daughter

Warriors jailbreak Yunnan Burma

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" in this figure are the palm spring city map

10 at 9:10 in the morning, Zhang Cang Lin crazy jailbreak fugitive drug traffickers, eventually arrested at a distance of 60 kilometers outside the urban area of Songming street Lingshan. From May 2nd jailbreak to May 10th arrest, these 8 days, Zhang Lincang in the end what has gone through? What on earth did he think? We listen to the feelings of the first time Zhang Cang Lin was arrested.

10" on the evening of Yunnan Armed Police Corps detachment of second arrests and commanders involved in the arrest of the police officers at the "news center" night live, tells the story of the whole process of arrest the escaped convict Zhang Lincang.

" according to the police reports, Zhang Lincang claimed that his drug trafficking had been hurt, so has escaped from the fugitive and brood on. But as a father, Zhang Lincang, who was concerned about his daughter, decided to go home first. Zhang Lincang said he wanted to go straight to Burma, but he still wanted to see my daughter, in case he could not come back in the past.

Armed Police Soldier: he is carrying a backpack, we analyze his coat do not wear, and the color of the grass is very close, we began to surround, front it is he run away and went to the top of the top instead, run.

is Zhang Lincang's trail, the soldiers began to encircle, can be repeatedly warned that Zhang Lincang did not mean to stop.

armed police soldiers: he did not listen to advice on the run, I decided to shoot warning shots, he still does not listen, but more on the run, I shot second guns decisive shot, when the scene is also gunshots constantly.

, the armed police force introduced, from the discovery of Zhang Lincang to the successful capture, the whole process took only nine minutes. And after Zhang Lincang's ankle was injured, in the face of the soldiers continue to chase, and said the first sentence.

armed police officers: he said not to hit, I can not run.

" soldiers will Zhang Lincang captured, found him shirtless, backpack also placed some wheat and a security service. But until now, the warriors have been fighting for so many days, day and night, and finally the result has been loosened.

anchor dialogue soldiers: the moment the mood is like, I feel very excited, I think he feels we surrender the successful completion of the task, handcuffed him after psychological more comfortable.

broadcast, many viewers scored 68099999 hotline said they also felt across the television screen capture process thrilling, many viewers expressed the soldiers fought bravely respect, said to give them a big praise.

review of Yunnan escaped prisoner was shot in the hands of 4000 police force rounded up surrender according to the Yunnan provincial joint pursuit headquarters informed: after the war day and night of hard investigation, province the Public Security Bureau, the "5.02" class a wanted criminal case to escape Zhang Lincang at 9:10 on May 10, 2017, in the village Li Guan Street Songming County town of Kunming city will be big word small drug was arrested in Lingshan village.

deep once reporters found that Zhang Lincang's capture site is located between Kunming and Malone County, from Zhang's home town of Malone County, about 50 km river town, does not rule out the possibility of its plan to escape home.

in the police chase process, Zhang Lincang attempted to escape, armed police soldiers decisive shot, wounded, caught on the spot. The scene of the armed police officers said, when the first shot fired as a warning, but Zhang Lincang heard gunshots did not stop, continue to flee over the hillside. In order to control him as quickly as possible, second shot him in the leg, and then he held up his hands and surrendered.

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