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baby calcium deficiency how to fill

baby calcium deficiency how to fill? Can be divided into two main aspects of food and medicine. Parents can choose according to the child's age and individual differences.


(1) food milk and milk products

milk is the best baby supplement food, such as milk, milk and milk, goats'milk rich in calcium. Breast milk, infant formula are rich in calcium, such as in 100 ml of infant formula milk up to 50 milligrams of calcium, 30 mg of calcium and dairy products in the milk calcium easily absorbed by babies at the breast calcium at the same time, but also increase the intake of milk protein.


beans and soy products are beans, peas, lentils, beans, tofu, tofu, bean curd, bean curd etc.. Beans are rich in high quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids, calcium and vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and niacin, long-term consumption can get rich nutrition while preventing osteoporosis. In addition to soy products, eat River, seafood, such as carp, carp, silver carp, catfish, shrimp, small shrimp, shrimp, crab, clam, kelp, seaweed, sea cucumber, snail etc.. Calcium can also achieve the purpose of.


of this kind of food nuts include almonds, peanuts, pine nuts, because the rich are rich in fats, vitamins, minerals and a lot of calcium, there are anti-aging effects, can eat strong bones, enhance physical fitness.

(4) meat and eggs

such as mutton, chicken, egg, pig, duck's egg, quail egg, egg, pork floss etc..


vegetable rape, celery, carrots, radish, sesame, coriander, mustard, black fungus, mushrooms etc..


fruit and nuts including lemon, loquat, apples, dates, apricots, peaches and almonds, orange cake, hawthorn, raisins, walnuts, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried mulberry, peanuts, lotus etc..


(1) choose medicine calcium preparation quality

has calcium health care products currently on the market, all kinds of experts, the higher the content of calcium supplement. The calcium content of all kinds of calcium is from high to low: calcium carbonate, active calcium, calcium chloride, calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium acetate, calcium lactate, calcium gluconate. The greater the solubility of

, the better absorption. Calcium ion state can be fully absorbed by the human body, high solubility of calcium chloride, calcium lactate, calcium acetate, calcium gluconate.

products to have a regular batch. Have a formal approval of the approval number of drugs or health products is the state recognized and approved the production of legitimate products, quality and safety can be guaranteed.

(2) choose vitamin AD preparation

in the calcium for children at the same time, be sure to add calcium absorption of vitamin D. The main function of vitamin D to promote intestinal absorption of calcium, and make it calm in bones and teeth, such as calcium organs, in addition, vitamin D can promote renal calcium reabsorption, thus reducing the loss of calcium. In addition, vitamin A also plays an important role in the growth of infants and young children. When the infant body lacks vitamin A, degeneration of bone tissue will stop or endochondral ossification process will slow down, and the renal tubular epithelial injury, the effects of calcium reabsorption and the decline in bone mass, osteoporosis, bone mineral density decreased.

vitamin D supplements include food, sun and vitamin AD preparation three. If only the sun and food can not meet the needs of vitamin D, vitamin D in order to meet the baby normal nutrition, we can also through the preparation of vitamin AD supplement. Vitamin AD preparation can help get adequate amounts of vitamin D every day.

baby what when calcium

suitable for many mothers know calcium has very important effect on children's growth and development, but when asked what time the right questions baby calcium, answer the mother is not in the minority.

different months of age for children, the demand for calcium is different, the greater the demand for calcium children, parents should gradually increase their calcium intake with the baby's growth. According to the recommendation of the Chinese society of nutrition, the amount of calcium in the diet needs to be supplied every day: 1 to 6 months of the baby, about 300 mg of breast fed babies, artificial feeding baby about 400 mg. 7 to 12 months of baby, about 500 ~ 600 mg. 1 to 3 years old children, need about 600 to 800 mg per day, about 1000 mg of puberty. Nutritionists said that two weeks from the birth of the baby, it should begin to add enough calcium.

so, where does the amount of calcium come from? Milk or dairy products is the best food calcium, calcium is not only more, but also high absorption rate.

1 bottles of fresh milk (220 mL) of the calcium content of about 220 mg or so, if every day to drink 1 to 2 bottles of milk, you can get 200 to more than 400 mg of calcium, plus the calcium in food, together will be able to meet the demand of the baby one day. In general, there will be no severe calcium deficiency. What time

baby calcium although calcium would affect the baby's growth and development, but calcium is not The more, the better. Excessive calcium will affect other trace elements such as iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus

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