A kind of happiness is called my mother to help me take the child

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muyingyuyuer· 2017-05-13 05:52:09

is a kind of love

have a kind of happiness is called my mother to help me with the children of

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single mom said

life is not so much a good quiet time, most of the time, but there is one behind the burden for us. Maybe we really have to bring their children to the elderly and many Tucao complain, but occasionally still recall, without their help, our life will become more anxious?

both mother with children, mother or children, are worthy of thanks, because he had lost his life for comfort the child.

but perhaps every woman longs for is mother to accompany their children to. Because only their own biological parents, will have no tolerance for their bottom line, more selfless pay. Their love allows us to be a little self willed and live more casually. (pay attention to WeChat public number: Mom and Dad, family time, talk about parenting)

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