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zhongguoyouerjiaoyuwang· 2017-05-13 05:59:12

"graduate study or job search?" A or B?

this is almost every problem faced by graduate undergraduates.

was, is, and will remain.

" survey shows: Graduate school graduates choose the main consideration as follows:

" this can be seen for most people, whether it is to continue to study or employment, the goal is to have a better job.

, however, whether you are going through graduate school or employment, you should first think about a question: , what is your goal of ?!

", "investment and return", "

", "postgraduate exams", in the final analysis, in order to return. That is, "cost-effective" in the end is not high? What does

need to invest in postgraduate exams? The most important thing is time and money.

from time to time, as early as possible to prepare, one thing, do early, always better than later, do not wait, missed, then regret.

from the financial point of view, the cost of enrollment, counseling, data purchases, transportation fees and so on, all need to be considered.

", then what will you get in return? Return of benefits, opportunities for networking.

simply speaking, education is proportional to starting salary, and networking is your life's wealth, and opportunity is equivalent to finding a more "good" job.

this "good" has many possibilities, such as the opportunity to enter a better company, get higher wages, get better development prospects, etc..

" insist on and give

a lot of people choose to grind is fear in society, afraid to leave school this umbrella. The so-called graduate students, not to avoid job hunting and social reasons, but a cross-border, upgrading, transformation starting point. Never take the postgraduate entrance examination as the last straw. What

lacks most is never taking the first step to try, and then hold on.

sometimes, one thing, persistence, persistence, maybe success.

, so before you go to graduate school, ask yourself if you can hold on to this tough time Mr.

said, "don't think too much," Mr. Yang Jiang said, "one of the greatest pains in life is to read too little, but think too much.".

any questions about the choice of life, there is no fixed answer, you have to choose your own. After all, everyone has his own unique ideas and dreams, which is why there are so many differences and differences between people.

so, once you have decided, you should go ahead without hesitation. Once you give up, you will go without regret.

test and

test where what since Kaoyan is to return, then a test and test what where is the key.

, when choosing the postgraduate entrance examination target, the school, the specialty, the tutor, the region.

first, school

, although it is now "heroes do not ask the source" of the times, but I think any company will have a preference for elite students, under the same competition, elite students obviously greater advantage. So, if you take a second rate institution like yourself, then you don't have much to spend the last three years.

second, professional

, choose a good employment professional. The biggest feature of graduate school is that you can choose a major. If you major is not popular in employment, then you should choose in the process of transformation, although you may be more difficult than others, but once the transition is successful, regardless of employment or for their own ability, is a qualitative leap.

third, mentor

in graduate school, tutor is indispensable. A good mentor will be your life's resource. In these three years, you will have much contact with your advisor, so it is important to choose a good mentor.


if your ideal regional volunteer three non stick if you choose wide north of these big city. After all these local employment opportunities and development speed can not be compared to other places. For yourself to broaden your horizons will play a key role.

, in short, the subject of postgraduate entrance examination, said small, big or small, the key is how to see.

whether it is PubMed or work, it is a new opportunity to give you a new life and choice.

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