Parking is effortless: Nanjing robot parking hot cited

Robot Nanjing Z

ITzhijia· 2017-05-13 08:09:05

according to relevant domestic media news, recently, Nanjing robot parking attracted heated debate. It is reported that the robot parking lot is located on the first floor of commercial buildings at Confucius Temple Station, line 3, Nanjing Metro. The parking lot costs 1 million 980 thousand and has 57 parking spaces, covering an area of about 2000 square meters.

" it is reported that consumers here consumption, no need to personally stop, as long as the owner drove into the area can be specified. The vehicle with the elevator slowly decreased, parking the robot to the magnetic induction signal after receiving the laser positioning ahead to the vehicle down, carrying the vehicle after the robot vehicle will be slowly moving to free parking space. If the user needs to pick up the car, do not have to go to the parking lot in person, just brush a card, the robot will send the car to the elevator, slowly rising to the ground, very convenient.

" parking robot not only can flexibly change the direction, and the noise is very small, and has automatic charging design, so don't worry about the shortage of life problems of the robot itself. In terms of efficiency, the parking robot will be able to stop a car in about 2 minutes.

the robot parking lot in July this year is expected to put into use, the price is also in charge of examination and approval, is expected to be 12 yuan an hour. Other media outlets have revealed that Nanjing, following the Confucius Temple business, will also build commercial units on the subway line 5, which may also promote the fully automated parking lot.

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