Wen zaiyin abolished Park Geun hye enacted in the history books as pro Japanese Korean media: the new president continues to surprise

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hawk26jiangwutang· 2017-05-13 08:17:06

data figure: November 28, 2016, South Korean lawmakers open national history textbook samples (Han Lianshe) [

] who reported observation network with South Korean media as saying that the New South Korean President Wen zaiyin continued to surprise people (continued to surprise many).

Yonhap reported on May 12th, the executive order in Yin, indicating abolition of President Pu Jinhui compiled the "national history textbook".

from next year, South Korean schools will again be allowed to choose from any history textbook verified by the government. The revised

Park Geun hye government history textbooks, the Japanese colonization of the Korean Peninsula is called "a certain contribution to the modernization of the Korean Peninsula, derogatory Anti Japanese independence movement; the father of Pu Zhengxi Park Geun hye's dictatorship defended and beautification; even stand in the position of Japan on the issue of comfort women. This

version of history textbooks, it has become one of the causes of the fall of the government park.

"this is Pu Jinhui to her father for filial history textbook", Korea "world daily" said, not only teachers against the history textbook, citizen groups are also very dissatisfied.

however, there are still 80 junior high schools, accounting for about 1.5% of the total, indicating that the Pu Jinhui administration's revised history textbooks will still be used.

in addition, Wen zaiyin ordered "as part of the song" the Song Jun recovery for 5.18 events in Kwangju memorial ceremony, fulfill his campaign promise.

"Song Jun" (Han Wen "임 을 위 한 행 진 곡", or "the Kwangju Uprising Memorial song") this song by Korean people known as the "popular songs", "love, fame and name, what did not have reservations...... "The lyrics begin at the background of the 5.18 Kwangju event, civil army spokesman Yin Xiangyuan and Park Gi-sun's soul wedding, published in 1981. Since then, the Korean people have often sung the song at the demonstration site, which has become part of the 5.18 official memorial ceremony since 1997.

but during the Lee Myung-bak administration, the Korean press found that the song did not conform to the nature of the country's activities, and the chorus of the song was excluded from the ceremony in 2009.

in the past five years, the government refused to park Geun hye of the song 5.18 songs for the recovery ceremony.

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