Why don't the 20 exports be allowed? Batiedou? The US warplanes have set an example

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in the field of world arms exports, China's advanced weaponry exports to Pakistan has been much praised by the Chinese people, then, can China's fifth generation stealth fighter can not export to Pakistan? This problem seems relatively simple at present, that is, the -20 exports to Pakistan may be very small at present.

2016 CCTV-4 Chinese late on November 1st, CCTV international channel in Asia today reports show "how shiny annihilates -20 will enhance the air force air show? "Telephone connections, famous military experts, CCTV special commentator Yin Zhuo. On the phone, Yin Zhuo positive confirmed that now the -20 is the use of domestic engines, and turbofan -15 is under development.

China annihilates -20 is self-developed fifth generation fighter, her appearance, represents the highest level of our army fighter, maneuver, firepower and stealth of the three technical indicators with the international level, has started a small batch loaded PLA Air force the troops. However, at present, there is a view that this weapon is never allowed to be exported. The reason is very simple, except that the United States Air Force has never allowed F-22A exports. No matter how the Allied forces in the United States buy them, they are simply not working.

recently published the "reconnaissance warriors" website article, the evaluation of Chinese stealth fighter, that Chinese f -20 has small batch serving in the air force, although this new fighter has been operating in technology, but it is. In large quantities before still need to overcome some technical obstacles, such as do not have the ability to mass production of this aircraft using WS-15 engine. In fact, most Western analysts believe that the Russian AL-31FN engine was the motive force for the -20. Although the

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" Liberation Army is accelerating the pace of entering service f -20 fighter, but this is unlikely to be directly with the F-35 or F-22 Raptor stealth fighter combat. The -20 is larger than the Raptor, and is more likely to be born to deal with air powered tankers, AWACS and joint surveillance and target attack radar systems (JSTARS) aircraft. The -20 is going to have a secret rivalry with these big guys, so it's not too early for the sale.

" of the Pakistan air force fierce dragon fighter

in addition, a big problem - 20 f production capacity is restricting exports, the U.S. media have spoken - 20 f does not enter the mass service stage, still unable to meet the demand of the people's Liberation Army, so Pakistan iron it is not possible to have the fifth generation fighter. So, will they have the patience to wait in Pakistan? In fact, Pakistan iron has the strength to wait, so Pakistan jointly developed the fierce dragon fighter in Pakistan has increased production capacity, can also provide us the 4 generation F-16 transition, but not the procurement of a large number of iron, Pakistan and enough time and space to wait for the advanced fifth generation fighter.

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