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not long ago, Mr. Liang Qiwei, founder of Spiritual Travel Company, released four pictures on his micro-blog, suggesting the company's planning and recruitment information for the next two years, and so on. Today, the spirit tour official announced the details of the information, the following for everyone to introduce.

code M

first, Ling Yu Fang recently on the company conducted a large-scale interior modulation, set up a special platform for Steam production style, creative game. The team was led by its partner, spicy ribbon, for the pursuit of "pure fun" game development.

is the first game, their degree of completion has been close to 50%, is a gram Su Lu + waste soil as the theme of the dungeon adventure game style. The game is set in a high mass was involved in an alien civilization war were accidentally destroyed the earth, human science and technology has completely disappeared, but the alien remains still in the mind of the survivors continually influence. In the wasteland, human beings only have the most basic survival consciousness, but the real crisis is far smaller than that of small human beings.

here is part of the concept map game published:


a happy is a spiritual tour square and the mobile terminal game "they will happy cooperation", this is a collection of modern and ancient West scuffle, scuffle, deja vu but quite different strange people, as well as works of Japanese blood actually contains a seemingly diffuse dark plot connotation.

" which refers to the dream of friends because they make great friends and it is Mr. liang. And "Dad" means, this will be issued by a domestic "Daddy" game company. From this description, it should be Tencent or NetEase......

shadow blade 2

this year, mobile game "shadow blade 2" in two key overseas markets of Japan and South Korea issued at the same time, according to local market game player habits were greatly play, adjust the balance and some experience. Two overseas versions in order to replace all local voice actors.

" in addition to "shadow blade two overseas edition 2", all the single product is a spiritual tour square follow-up (including mobile products and PC, the single product will host) have more native language version: Chinese simplified, traditional Chinese and English will be built in language.

addition, there before the rain "blood" ten anniversary concert and the apple store in Wangfujing held the line of music / Art / gaming activity before, this year will also consider other organized activities under the line, and the production of a variety of physical surrounding, including but not limited to the set, toys, and other gifts in kind.

"rain blood" ten anniversary concert

3D new

unreal spiritual tour square will make a 3D / blood "rain shadow blade" -- not the style of the 3D piece, but the real deal with complete industrial processes and delicate the performance of 3D, and 4 using Unreal Engine development.

" at present, the work is still with the code "Zero" in the shadow of the blade of pre research, Ling Yu Fang also recently with the brightest team early in. This spiritual tour square won the "mysterious sea" made 3D modeling studio, to "soul of darkness" made the art design illustration, and the unreal engine in the domestic official team - Epic company's technical support.

addition, in music the spiritual tour square hope to further like the real 3A like the record, our musician Bo Caisheng will also make conditions more relaxed in the play, "the classic melody Ye City" period through a more extreme form is presented.

Ling Yu Fang's "rain blood" series is a rare domestic boutique 2D horizontal version of the action game, while its mobile works "shadow blade" also won the 2014 Cologne game show best mobile game "nomination. Whether in terms of seniority or strength, we have every reason to expect them to perform in the future. For more information about

, you can focus on Mr. Liang Qiwei's official micro-blog, or its WeChat public number, and of course you can expect follow-up coverage of game time.

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