The Switch version of "disgaea 5" in Europe and the United States scheduled sales reached 110 thousand

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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-05-13 20:18:13

NIS America (a Japanese company USA) published in Europe and the United States a predetermined amount under the Switch platform game "disgaea 5" has reached 110 thousand.

" America as a small JRPG fan base, "is also an important market for disgaea series" sales, a predetermined amount of this is quite good. What's interesting is that France has been forced into Britain, making it the best seller in europe. NIS America President Takuro Yamashita said that the UK book sales in the region clearly puzzled, sales have yet to be improved, and then said: because the game is optional language increased with the germination and seeding of French Japanese culture, France the increase in sales is also reasonable in.

another noteworthy point is that the Switch version of "disgaea 5" in the Western light book sales reached 110 thousand, but the Japanese version on sale in March 3rd so far, sales of less than 20 thousand, even Takuro Yamashita said: "even if this has been prepared, but did not expect the sales will be so much worse".

" Takuro Yamashita Switch "and that in disgaea 5 is" good, "" disgaea series as very resistant to brush the game, has been launched handheld portable version, and characteristics of Switch just meet this demand. At the same time, he hoped that through the Switch version of "disgaea 5" will be established in Europe and greater series of fans.

can confirm "disgaea 5" first will be just a Japanese landing Switch platform for a variety of works. Switch Europe and America version will be on sale in May 26th.


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