The seven year old boy was killed parents pigs, which will be under the hands of animal flesh?!

A child indifference landlord

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" recently, shocked the nation, the couple tortured son a lethal case hearing, both husband and wife was charged with first-degree murder, and sentenced to 25 years. The last few months of the boy's life were like hell. Hunger, bondage, and beatings filled his life. By the time he died, he was all skin and bones. Why this couple was so cruel, follow home look junlai!

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this Monday, the 46 year old Michael Jones in 2015 because the cruel slaughter of his son Adrain, was sentenced to life imprisonment. The child's stepmother, Heather, 31, was similarly sentenced.

", and the couple will be arrested, or Heather newspaper police?. Police in Kansas received reports that their husbands were shooting at themselves and their daughters. When the police rushed to the scene after the collapse of the Heather allows the police to check the backyard pig bones. As a result, the police did find human remains there. After the DNA test, it was the seven year old Adrain, who immediately arrested two people.

" they lived in the house is located in a remote rural areas, 2014 rent is no human habitation. When she heard of the murder, the landlord came back to investigate. When she walked into the house, she was so frightened that she could not speak. The wall is a loophole, drugs and pornographic videos inside a scene of chaos, scattered on the ground.

" did not take two steps, unexpectedly also found a dead mouse, just as people can live...

said she did not think that their house will be waste like this. She recalled in an interview, see this one family, did not feel what problem, is an ordinary family, did not think this would happen... "

< /p> the child's grandmother heard this thing, also shocked and indignant she asked, why no one noticed his grandson living in this family.

said she last saw Adrain in the Christmas of 2012, the child's father invited her to visit, then Adrain is a healthy child, love is a little boy playing football.

" the last time she heard the news Adrain in 2014, the father of the child to call her, tell her little Adrain was sent to a mental hospital, because he showed signs of pedophilia and sexual assault. That year, Adrain was 6 years old...

" and the event is not so simple, their landlord won Heather approval, opened her computer, after some investigation, she was stunned by the original, Adrain... He has been suffering from his father and stepmother inhuman abuse, and Heather these are recorded, and proud. People see the photos, couldn't believe that this picture of children is Adrain...

" they often beat Adrain, sometimes with a long broom to stab him, sometimes with shock, bleeding for him is

Adrain because abandon attitude, they used for cutting vegetables chopping board tightly tied to the Adrain of the chest and back, and arms. Young he stood straight and motionless...

" they also put him in the instrument, his eyes, hard to pull, don't tube small Adrain cry... "Img_box" id=

" because the instrument efforts hard, Adrain's arms and legs were injured, there was a serious swelling, is deformed. But his father and stepmother completely indifferent... "Img_box"

" in addition to physical violence, they also think of ways to all kinds of cruel means the seven year old child abuse. They shut him in the bathroom, separated him with a board, and did not look at him at all. They even played the self timer behind them:

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