They were made out of Microsoft pictures

Microsoft Microsoft Z

cnBeta· 2017-05-14 07:44:21

as the saying goes, "skills don't matter." maybe someday they will come into use. The foreign man Pat Hines is an example. It is understood that Pat Paint Microsoft (Microsoft drawing) has a special liking, a stick is ten years, and did not think this hobby will one day help yourself a big favor. Pat said he every day in the hospital reception on the night shift, work is not very busy, so he wrote a novel in my spare time, then the problem, a novel needs illustrated … &hellip

Pat admitted that his PS technology was a bit of a waste, but the skills on the Microsoft Paint helped him. Here's a graphic illustration he produced with Microsoft Paint. Is it amazing? In order to

confirmed that he did only Microsoft Paint, any other drawing work are not, and there is no use, he specialized in his blog to explain how he is drawing, or you can click on the picture to see the big picture, see is not only Microsoft Paint can make this effect.

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They were made out of Microsoft pictures

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