Surrender 500 million high price bail beauty rich two generation family was exposed

Tiffany mansion US US dollars

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in April 6th this year, on suspicion of murdering former boyfriend of Chinese rich two generation Tiffany Li was released on bail, the world's tenth, nearly 500 million yuan of high price bail, shocked the world.

5 6, the trial of the case document finally outflow, more details of the case exposure. How do two people who are so different from each other know each other? How do you live together? How do they go their separate ways? Tiffany Li is how to murder postmortem? What kind of person was the murdered ex boyfriend?

for these column problems, red star journalist conducted in-depth investigation, spell Tiffany Li and killed former boyfriend love to kill the story.

"marry white Formica, walk on the pinnacle of life, you can live happily ever after? Have a criminal history of unemployed youth Keith Green met the Chinese white Formica Tiffany Li. In six years, after giving birth to two daughters, he not only been friends dug corner, gave me life.

" (video screenshot) Tiffany Li and Keith Green and their two daughters,

Facebook, friends said, love, murder, money, power & … hellip; feel like watching tv. The beginning of the show is clearly a "idol drama", the result of a sharp style turns into a criminal drama. There are also foreign users jokingly said, "I want her (Tiffany, Li) phone.". "More parents," said the netizen, "the poorest child.". In this case, the two children are likely to become neither father nor mother.

mysterious rich woman

early migration to California, the family wealth volume is difficult to estimate

Tiffany Li, a born in Beijing, Silicon Valley longer than the Chinese rich woman. In 1992, Tiffany Li moved to Silicon Valley in California with his younger brother, mother Li Jihong and stepfather Yao Gang, and became an American citizen in 2000. The growth in the wealth of the family, Tiffany Li to the United States read 7 different private schools, including Monterey is located in the famous Santa Catalina boarding school.

this is the elite of American politicians gathered among private schools private school alumni including Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos's eldest daughter Maria Marcos, "Fifty shades of grey" actress Dakota Johnson, is the United States and the international community elite.

Santa Catalina boarding school (source: Wikipedia)

Star News reporters have found that Lee in California County of San Mateo, has at least seven or eight properties, the value of more than $15 million. The

trial documents also show that

Tiffany Li's mother Li Jihong and stepfather Yao Gang have made huge fortunes in real estate investment and construction projects in China, including two skyscrapers in Beijing. But Lee still registered confidential information and assets not open to the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean island of St. Kitts have industry. Therefore, the amount of Li family wealth is difficult to estimate.

unemployed young men were expelled from school, and many gold female acquaintance

Keith Green murdered (source:

University of San Francisco graduate Tiffany Li, for mother Li Jihong to take care of the family estate. Li Jihong pays $100 thousand a year for her salary. And Keith Green is an unemployed youth who has just been expelled from University for theft and fraud, crime history, and no job. In

2009, Keith Green met Tiffany Li, and she changed his life completely.

, a 21 year old Green and 23 year old Tiffany Li, quickly moved together and moved to an apartment under the name of Tiffany Li's mother, Li Jihong. Li Jihong later told the case that she did not like alcohol or marijuana Green. She says Green is growing marijuana in the apartment bedroom where they live. Although he said is the home of the "black hole", Li Jihong was to pay him $40 thousand a year -- cooking school tuition.

Keith Green in the Blue Ribbon School of Cookery (source:

, although Li Jihong is not recognized, Keith Green and Tiffany Li together or soon moved into the suburbs of San Francisco is located in Hillsborough rich area of $7 million worth of luxury.

this is a two storey house with a swimming pool and three garages, including 486 square meters of main buildings and more than 2000 square meters of garden. The house has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, with a tax of $54 thousand a year, a year in the middle of the country.

Tiffany Li gave birth to two daughters in 2012 and 2014. Red Star reporter from Keith Green mother's attention friends found Tiffany Li. Reporters found that in April 2013, her Facebook page will change the emotional status of "married", and he also commented that: accidentally deleted, and then re issued it again.

's daughter have been born after the Hillsborough mansion is full of nanny, housekeeping and gardeners, there are two people in a car.

Green, and Tiffany Li live together in the Hillsborough mansion. (photograph: ABC)

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