The first mother's day | in order to "say" love you baby, do these things......

Baby game Mead growth

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, dear mother,

, happy holidays!"!

thank you for the baby,

makes a holiday

the most important thing in your life is very small while the TA

do not know how to send you flowers

also do not know how to celebrate your

is not

to express freely with language but

ta gave you a best gift

so pure, so deep

did you hear that? "

"I love you, so you know

was born just came to this strange world, the baby is very frightened, crying, crying and looking for in your arms until calmed down. Because Ta only knows your voice and the smell of milk.

so Mom:

, please hold the baby more! The warm touch of

skin can give Ta a sense of security. If you want to leave for a while, remember to put your pajamas next to you and make Ta feel that you are always around.

I love you. I'm glad to hear your voice.

loves her mother's voice the most! 3 month old baby can respond to you with a lovely "cooing" sound!

although Ta still can not understand what you are saying, it is your most loyal listener".

so Mom:

, please talk to your baby more!

tell stories and sing songs...... This kind of communication can improve your feelings and lay the foundation for your child's language learning.

I love you, the repeated game is also very interesting

6 month old baby special love to play a game of hide and seek. Even if repeated many times, still enjoy. Ta began to understand the concept of "permanence of things," and Ta found that mom would be here all the time!

please don't be impatient. Play with Ta more!

every time I find you, let the baby more sure: Mom will not leave me.

I love you, so I want to take up

mother attagirl, study hard, hard tending. Looking at the baby a day, a new skill, full of joy and achievements.

pregnancy began to fill DHA, 1 months began to supplement cod liver oil, 4 months began to iron, 6 months to add complementary food... Full of food and nutrition, just wanted to fill the flying little plane up with oil!

babies grow up smart, healthy and happy, and

is the best mother's Day gift from Ta!

*" according to the suggested feeding Chongdiao feeding table, with a reasonable diet.

smart brain to show such surprise performance,

makes you want to Ta

all the best as Mead Johnson Holland Platinum Edition

support baby reached the international level of DHA

and the fire authority recommended prebiotics combination

is willing to baby healthy and clever good performance,

verify your wise choice.

this mother's day, wish all mothers

Mead received the best gift!

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