Foreign media: old repair beautiful, and Saudi Arabia signed billions of dollars in arms sales

The United States the dollar Trump the White House

zhongxinwang· 2017-05-14 16:00:33

net 14, May, according to foreign media reports, White House officials revealed that the United States to Saudi Arabia to sell $about 100000000000 worth of arms series of negotiations is nearing completion.

, data map: March 14, 2017, U.S. President Trump met with Saudi Minister of defense at the white house. According to

reports, White House officials declined to be named, said that the next 10 years, the gross sales supporting can be $300 billion or more, including weapons, ships, Saudi Air Missile Defense and maritime safety system, the purpose is to help improve the defense capability of Saudi arabia.

US President Trump will visit Saudi Arabia on 19 February, so the two sides have accelerated negotiations on arms sales agreements to match Trump's visit.

after the news that Trump plans to visit the sand during the arms trade agreement signed with Saudi Arabia of tens of billions of dollars, including some of the new deal, some of Trump's predecessor Obama has approved, but not formally signed a contract or suspended the sale, and the purpose is to the Saudi American weapons buyers "reset".

two countries had previously because of the United States, Obama, despite Saudi opposition, in 2015 reached a nuclear agreement with Iran and gradually drifted away.

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