"The first Chinese mummy case" the last fugitive arrested

Hainan the suspect Jingmen the Warring States

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after a lapse of 23 years, the first China mummy case finally a fugitive arrested

reporter Zhou Shoujiang Han Hongzhi correspondent Su Kebin

5 on Sept. 12, driving a car in Jingmen city of Shayang on the road. In the car, Shayang County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade instructor Ma Jun pointed out of the window, asked: "Li Yihai, these places you are familiar with it?" "

", alas, did not expect, really did not expect, have been 23 years, or you caught. "Li Yihai said that he go into exile, 23 years incognito, migrate, but it is still not open.

so far, have shocked the world, the first Chinese mummy case "the last fugitive arrested. Today, Jingmen police briefed the Chutian newspaper on the details of the case.

23 2400 years ago the Warring States woman stolen Shan Zhen

Shayang Ji county of Hubei province located in the Han River West, South and south to the state of Chu Ying Ji, more than and 300 tombs, the tomb of King Zhuang of Chu concubine seat area around the large Chu tomb, tomb mound of no ground it is not statistics.

1994 before and after the Spring Festival, "Guo Jia Gang Ji Shan tombs tomb" in cultural relics looted by grave robbers, and still resilient Millennium woman of the Warring States pull hair, dragged and dropped so crazy mutilated on acts of a complete skin and, when the police will be transferred the woman found after 39 days of hiding, a National Heritage Commission to identify 26 archaeological experts to make conclusions: the corpse is a female body preserved in the Warring States period, body length of 1.62 meters, has been 2400 years ago. Although the corpse in the unearthed during trials, many parts are damaged, but still miraculously no decay, but there are still elastic skin, limbs can still bend, is so far discovered in the shape, skin and bone were preserved as the mummy, have high academic value.

in addition to the mummy, the public security organs in a timely manner to recover more than and 20 pieces of precious cultural relics, the case became the first "shocking Chinese mummy case". Shayang police found 24 suspects and arrested 14 people, 9 accomplices surrendered, one of the principal Li Yihai fled, he cut all ties with relatives and friends, then disappear, disappear. The

review of the case, more than accomplice confession, the first being opened to see the corpse, the corpse is linked to Li Yihai, they looked at the Millennium does not rot the mummy, think what treasure in the mouth, after she opened her mouth with his finger and put a mess inside through don't find what they expect for baby. Rope lock in the mummy's neck, which will be out in more than 5 meters deep under the ground to sleep for more than 2000 years "ancestors" casually pulled to the ground, drag over bumpy muddy ditch and ridge wa weeds and thorns, promoting another stolen tombs from the "number one" Tomb more than 30 meters away, a thick layer of loess and filling, an attempt to deceive.

talked about the case, Shayang County Public Security Bureau Secretary, then Ji Shan police station director Wang Hailin fresh, "at that time, Shayang County Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade and Jishan police set up a task force, the police disguised as a dealer of thorough investigation, after a difficult case, do very successful, there are 3 principal shot, designed by the Ministry of public security wing Kee collective merit. "

23 pursuit of information science and technology remarkable power of

Li Yihai is still alive? Is he in the province or in the province? Is it still in China? 23 years, Li Yihai Chase has been a Shayang public security "heart disease", again and again into the work of the object, to find the villagers, find their relatives to investigate, but has not found any valuable clues.

", with the development of the times, new criminal science and technology, such as portrait technology, are emerging. Police investigators think of only one suspect with a certificate of analysis, comparison, but things did not imagine so simple, photos of the suspect was taken as a young man, but also black and white photos.

in early March of this year, compared to a turnaround, Shayang County Public Security Bureau received the Jingmen Municipal Public Security Bureau issued the portrait comparison clues: in 1994 the Internet fugitive Li Yihai, and Jingzhou City, Gongan County pingmou photos up to 97% similarity. Will this be Li Yihai of the year? Shayang County Public Security Bureau immediately dispatched the Criminal Investigation Brigade, Ji Shan police station composed of special classes to carry out the investigation, a group of police responsible for the extraction of the parents' DNA, to compare DNA; another group of police in charge of the investigation of Gongan County pingmou, Li Yihai found a fugitive and pingmou facial features are very similar, and identity information display two people were born in 1968. Subsequently, the police through the outer investigation, understanding and analysis, judgment, and ultimately identified as the same person. On further work, found pingmou in recent ten years has been living in Hainan, the police immediately went to Hainan implementation of the arrest.

5 10, in Hainan police assistance, the Shayang police successfully arrested Li Yihai.

change names migrate eventually escape

after the arrest, Li Yihai explained, in early 1994, he collaborated with Mr. Kwak (already sentenced), Moumou (already sentenced), channeling

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