NATO aliens"! Turkey buys 52 trainers from Pakistan

Turkey NATO Pakistan trainer

tengxunjunshi· 2017-05-15 01:16:45

map: MFI-17 trainer

British "Jane's Defence Weekly" website reported on 11 May, Turkey and Pakistan Aviation Industry Corp signed a purchase of 52 Airbus MFI-17 super supporters "trainer contract. The

contract was signed at the 2017 IDEF Defence Exhibition in Istanbul in May 10th. The aircraft is expected to replace the aging T-41 Turkey air force "Mescalero trainer and coach SF-260D machine.

"super supporter" is the licensed production version of the Aviation Industry Corp MFI-17 supporter of Pakistan. About 46 of the Pakistan air force is in service, and Iran, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the Nigeria air force are also using the aircraft.

, the Turkey Defense Industry Bureau, said that "super supporters" will improve flight training for Turkey Air Force pilots, making it more efficient and effective". It also said that through this project, Turkey will become the first NATO to have "super supporters" trainer aircraft.

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NATO aliens"! Turkey buys 52 trainers from Pakistan

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