The salary is higher than Messi, but he earns Chinese money and discriminates against the chinese......

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qianyanjunshi· 2017-05-15 06:00:38

[/ observer network Zhuang Yi] the evening of May 12th, the 2017 season of Super League ninth round in Guangzhou Yuexiu mountain stadium, foreign aid Ravitch (Ezequiel Iv n Lavezzi) led the Hebei Huaxia happiness Road 1 1 draw with Guangzhou R & F. In the last 3 rounds of the super match, Ravitch won 3 goals and 5 assists, which made the fans very excited.

however, the Dreyer Ravitch, a football reporter's Mark, posted a tweet on twitter that made him angry. Please see below:

" in the photo, Ravitch wearing a Jersey China happy smile on his face, only strange, made a finger pulling eyelids to the rise in action.

maybe someone would say, "no, just an action. What's a big surprise?" the problem is precisely in this place.

earlier, net red lovers Kat (Americans) and Sid (Chinese) have recorded video, introduced a series of racially discriminatory actions and words, including this pull eyelid.

Sid", often someone in their comments below micro-blog said, do these actions are feasible, not what is wrong, because the eye is smaller than whites and Asians, and these words on the surface and does not have what problem, but the combination of history look, these words are very insulting (action).

", when the foreigner speaks these words (movements), their purpose is not pure.

Kat said, we definitely see such acts of human Chinese some foreigners washed, in fact, this is the standard used to discriminate against Asians every action, there is no reason to justify this non asian.

" in western people's eyes, yellow eyes are small, so some people often ridiculed by Asians squinting action. But you should not define a person or group of people with a part of someone else.

", "pull the eyelid up", this discrimination in the end to what extent? Imagine you were calling a black gorilla to a black man, pointing at an Asian man and calling white men a "white pig""...... The discrimination speaks for itself.

" AFC disciplinary code fifty-seventh, 58 on the aggressive behavior of racial discrimination and the following provisions:

but now, we did not see Ravitch out any explanation, on the contrary, he is still in the huge pay led Chinese open.

Ravitch is a football player of Argentina, February 2016, Hebei Huaxia happiness Football Club hired Ravitch from Paris Saint germain.

"Sports Weekly" reported that Hebei China out of its annual salary of up to 15 million euros (about 113 million yuan), and called "crown super", can be among the world's top five!

" in addition to a statement from the "sun", in the sort of world football players prior to the salary list when found, Ravitch at 20 million 800 thousand pounds (about RMB 185 million) ranked third in the world, and Messi to 18 million 849 thousand pounds (about RMB 167 million) row fifth. Messi, also a Argentina player, has won the Golden Globe Award for the five time, known as "the best player in history" at La liga".

so, while Ravitch took the money from the Chinese, he was being discriminated against?

previously, the Shenhua player Qin Shengjin district on the right to health aid Witt Sal was suspended for half a year; in the missed penalty kick after Sun Shilin Pato came up to the thumbs up, was fined 10 thousand suspended two yuan.

but Laweiqila eyelids after the scandal, for the past two days, including Ravitch himself, the club, FIFA did not give any explanation of this bowl of water side was flat?

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