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VR" upsurge, come quickly, go fast. In many people's view, most can give VR to imagine space application scenarios, in addition to the game, there are many old drivers want to refuse to welcome the little porn.

has been confirmed by Pornhub, the world's leading adult video site. According to Pornhub latest data released in the VR video on-line within a year, with its website VR version of the adult video by the initial 30 to more than 2 thousand and 600, the average daily traffic reached 500 thousand times.

Pornhub pointed out that compared to other columns, use the VR way of viewing each user will click on an extra 2 or more video, for example, would generally only see 9 video, with VR after watching will increase to 11. Pornhub believes that this is because they want to experience more of the unique visual effects of the VR approach.

" (photo: loaded.co.uk

) in the gender distribution, "the male driver" arguably beyond the "driver". Data show that male users use VR way to watch adult videos will be 160% higher than women; at the same time, compared with other age groups, young people aged 25-34 for the film VR acceptance and willingness to use the strongest. In the summer of

2016, at the beginning of the VR video line, the average daily hits of VR video on Pornhub reached 200 thousand. By fall, the figure had increased significantly, reaching an alarming about 900000 in 2016, more than three times the original.

analysis pointed out that the VR device is one of the most popular Christmas gifts, many people get the most want to experience is to use the film VR. This could be one of the main reasons for the skyrocketing reading rate of Pornhub VR videos over christmas.

of course, the holiday is not easy, and many "old drivers" of course, do not want to pass the "drag racing" opportunities, people who see the film has become more normal. After the Christmas holiday, the figures did drop back, but the daily reading was basically stable at about 500 thousand, indicating that the market cultivation still works.

in addition, from around the world, the "old drivers" in Southeast Asia feel most deeply about "technology changes life". Among them, Thailand, China, Hongkong and Philippines are among the top three in love with VR, while Ireland and Britain are the fastest growing, with an increase of about 250% over the past year.

", but the magic is that the adult industrial power Japan has not entered the list. Do not know because have too many models, Japan's "old drivers" of the VR car is not so cold.

China is not on the list yet, but according to a data released earlier this year by Pornhub, mainland China is searching for the most adult VR videos on the Pornhub site. No way, anxious mood can understand, but still have to be a law-abiding good driver.

now, Pornhub is not only the world's largest adult video site, but also one of the world's largest and largest sites, with daily traffic exceeding 75 million. According to Alexa's website rankings, Pornhub ranks thirty-eighth in all websites worldwide, second only to eBay, and is only a few below Netflix.

" (photo: The Verge) is an important direction of development, the

VR video is Pornhub currently they said, at present VR channel no bad, they will also continue to increase investment in this area. Mother's day this year, Pornhub also "lunatic" provides a special greeting cards for mothers, it is said that this card can be transformed into VR tou xian. 6 too.

" (photo: The Next Web

) industry has been that adult content is an important impetus to promote the development of VR industry. The adult industry news agency XBiz has used the data to support this statement, they counted, now buy VR equipment, 38% is to look at the adult entertainment content; while the adult website VRPorn CEO also said, "as long as VR (equipment sales growth), we (business) will increase. "

"(photo: Hot Recent News

Market Watch) according to the forecast, to 2025, VR porn industry market value will reach $1 billion. That day, when the technology is more mature, more rich content, believe that the "old drivers" car will become more stable biao. Figure

: BetaKit

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