The loan is overdue. Do you know how serious the consequences are?

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today to talk about network lending, network staging products, we pay attention to the two points. It should be said that the two stage, lending network, network is developing very fast, a lot of friends especially young friends all tried like Taobao, Jingdong, Jingdong spend Bai ant IOUs, WeChat's credit, including the recently launched micro loan millet.

these products are very easy to use, sometimes have no money at hand to a stage, if you catch the interest free installment this thing has special benefits! Both convenient and affordable, with a very cool, but we use in the cool at the same time, there are some things need to pay special attention to, and if not pay attention, it will bring us unnecessary trouble.

trouble is mainly reflected in the aspects of personal credit, personal credit if affected, it will spread to our bank loans and loans to buy a house, you do not underestimate this thing, this thing never mind with me, in fact, from the crowd is coincidence.

, let's see, what are the major groups of people who use the online lending and network phases? Is young people; then, loans to buy a house of the main crowd? Also young people, in fact, coincidence degree is quite high.

so, must say today, feel the need to pay attention to the main points, may affect our credit:

first, as everyone knows "overdue", generally do not want to happen late, I'll also as long as I have the ability, but many of my friends always forget, because this things with credit card credit card is not the same, we are all month to pay, is a habitual action, but the flower chanting or ious or sometimes catch double eleven, or 518, with a squeak, perhaps next month or two months to forget, forget it may credit, this is certainly not a good thing.

if you use it, I suggest or simply bind the bank card, due to the automatic also is the best, if not necessarily to give yourself a reminder, or don't forget to also think Jiagen string.

second, need to pay attention to the point is very implicit, I believe that many friends are not aware of, that is, check. Some friends have such a habit, nothing to like brush, look at their credit line up, did not rise, and up quite happy. As everyone knows, there are some products you query, it will automatically in your personal credit record to you.

but you know, the personal credit on such a query record is not good, because if you check the old check, the bank will be judged you are not a good customer. Because the banks think you cherpitski represents, you are a special user needs to borrow money, the old query is not going to happen to borrow, so in you after the loan, it may even improve your loan interest rates do not fall, when the house is not blind.

so we should pay attention to some details when we are using and enjoying the convenience of network borrowing and network staging.

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